Thursday, July 18, 2024

7.1.1 Overview – Updated!

Our friend Jackie Ko has given us some details for what is coming up for the 7.1.1 Game Update.

First things first, dates…targeted for Fall 2022.

What Is Included With This Update?

  • Galactic Seasons 3 – “Luck of the Draw”
    • PH4-LNX, the new Croupier Droid, the Gambling Authority & Managment Entity.
  • Feast of Prosperity Event with new rewards – November 1-29, 2022.
    • Gourmand’s Favorite Weapon Set, Duuba & Gaboorga Transport Skiffs and Feast Holo-Toy
  • Ability to Name & Favorite Outfits in Outfitter – 32 slots now available!!
  • Conquest Objectives added for Manaan Daily Area – Manaan is now an invadable planet!
  • Class Balance Changes (Please see 7.1.1 Balance post by Chris Durel)

R-4 Adjustments

  • Reducing IP-CPT’s health on Veteran so the DPS check isn’t as demanding
  • Adjusting the difficulty in the Overgrown Hallways to be less deadly in Story Mode
  • Reduce Lady Dominique’s health slightly in Story Mode
  • Damage from Nihrot is no longer reflectable
  • Nihrot suppression grenades should no longer get caught up in the ceiling tentacles
  • The issues some players are experiencing with IP-CPT falling into the floor

Collector’s Edition Vendor

Creating a path for players to access this vendor with the purchase of an access pass available in the Cartel Market. Once consumed, this pass will unlock the ability to speak to the Collector’s Edition vendor, grant access to the VIP area where the vendor is, and is unlocked account-wide.

Items available at the Collector’s Edition Vendor:

  • 7 companion customizations (Ashara Zavros, 3 for Deshade, Kaliyo Djannis, Mako, Vette)
  • 5 pieces of the Imperial Trooper armor set
  • 4 Dye Modules
  • 3 Pets
  • 2 Statue stronghold decorations
  • 1 ‘Scanner’ helmet

Daily Resource Matrix Update!

They have increased the Daily Resource Matrix rewards as follows:

  • Group Finder “Role In Need” – 10 (up from 5)
  • World Bosses – 8 on kill (up from 3)
  • Mission [WEEKLY] Priority Targets rewards – 40 (up from 20)
  • Weekly Missions for Heroic Areas – 40 (up from 20)
  • Weekly Missions for Daily Areas and Conquest Events – 50 (up from 25)

Check back often to see updates to this post for the 7.1.1 Game update!