Saturday, May 18, 2024

7.2 Dev Updates

I am going to try to keep up with the relevant updates from 7.2 Dev updates forum as they come out. I will list the date of when I update and a link to the original post as well as a quick summary.

Post Links:

  • Gearing Updates & Currency
  • Balance Changes Coming in 7.2 – Focused on Tanks (Please visit link as it is too much to include here.) Below are the included combat styles affected:
    • Darkness Assassin / Kinetic Combat Shadow
    • Vengeance Juggernaut / Vigilance Guardian
    • Rage Juggernaut / Focus Guardian
    • Immortal Juggernaut / Defense Guardian
    • Shield Tech Powertech / Shield Specialist Vanguard
    • Annihilation Marauder / Watchman Sentinel
    • Fury Marauder / Concentration Sentinel
    • Carnage Marauder / Combat Sentinel
    • Mercenary / Commando
    • Innovative Ordnance Mercenary / Assault Specialist Commando

Gearing Updates

Floor & Ceiling Increases

They have raised the floor so the gearing doesn’t become more daunting as they bring more power to the game by raising the ceiling. Below is what we have so far from the post here.

Gear Name / VendorCurrent iRating7.2 iRating
Conquest Gear – from Legacy of the Sith Story318322
Non-PvP Content320324
PvP Content318322
Conquest Gear Vendor Gear320324
PvP Vendor Gear316322
NEW! Flashpoint Vendor Gearnot available324
NEW! Operations Vendor Gearnot available324
Noble Decurion330336
Elite Decurion330336
Supreme Decurion330336

New! Modifications

Hyde and Zeek will now be adding in 332 and 336 modifications.

“There will be no item rating requirements to begin these new missions, and the missions will require the deconstruction of Prototype and Artifact gear at Item Ratings 332 and 336 respectively.”

— Bryant Wood, from post


New! Currency Conversions

Due to some feedback, they have changed the conversions for currency as follows:

Previous Conversion to Tech FragmentsNew Conversion to Tech Fragments
50 Conquest Commendations = 50 Tech Fragments200 Conquest Commendations = 200 Tech Fragments
New!200 WZ-1 Accelerants = 200 Tech Fragments
New!200 FP-1 Stabilizers = 200 Tech Fragments
New!200 OP-1 Catalysts = 200 Tech Fragments

Other Notes

  • Gear Upgrade Disciplines Removed – They have removed the disciple filter to allow all available upgrades to be seen, regardless of discipline.
  • Systech Gear Drops Lowered – Lowered the gear piece drops on Strong and Elite enemies to increase the frequency of currency bags on those enemies.

More 7.2 Dev Updates to come!