Saturday, May 18, 2024

7.2 Livestream Notes

All the information they gave us and a look at some new features and items coming with 7.2 Update this winter. All the information I am including is directly from the stream located here.

Introducing Ruhnuk

The environment of Ruhnuk:

  • A dry, arid plateau based planet full of river valleys
  • Originally inhabited due to the resources that could be mined
  • A unique nebula surrounding the planet keeps it very hidden

Showdown on Ruhnuk Story & Daily Areas

  • Mining operations were rapidly and mysteriously halted
  • Heta Kol and the Hidden Chain found the abandoned mining operation on Ruhnuk
  • The mines were repurposed as Heta Kol’s base of operations
  • Lots of tunnels and secrets for us to find
  • Daily Area: Three mission story arc where players will assist Mandalore’s forces and track down one of Heta Kol’s ruthless followers

Some of the Characters in the Daily Area Story for Ruhnuk:

Ruhnuk Reputation Track

  • Named Mandalorian Trat’ade – Mandalorian “trat’ade” (forces) are fighting to keep Heta from building her base of operations
  • Two new Legacy titles in Mando’a language
    • Be’mand’alor Tomad (means “Ally of Mandalore”) at Friend rank
    • Par’jila Gehat’ik (means “Triumphant Story”) at Legend rank
  • New titles at the reputation vendor
    • Champion of the Avenger
    • Celebrated and Remembered

Reputation Track Rewards

Available through the vendors and planetary drops.

Ruhnuk Daily Area Missions

There will be a variety of normal story, heroic, and weekly/daily missions on the new planet including:

  • Mando Relic Mission
    • Unlocked when the crit path is completed. It will allow players to unlock buffs that can be used on Ruhnuk.
  • New Planetary Achievements
  • New weekly world boss named Kithrawl.

PvP Changes

The goals they had in mind for the changes in their PvP:

  • To increase PvP participation
  • Encourage more positive play
  • Ensure PvP is rewarding

With that said, here are some of the key changes:

New Seasonal Structure

  • All PvP players will now be participating in a season, similar to the Galactic Seasons
  • PvP Points will now be earned each match and by completing Missions along with Medals having been updated (you now have to actually do something to get them, as they said)
  • ANYONE can participate in the seasons for PvP
    • They have removed the 10 match cap for F2P, so now unlimited
    • Subscribers will progress twice as fast as free players
  • You will now be queued for 4v4 arenas or 8v8 warzones as a choice for solo. They said groups will be hopefully matched with groups, too, if I heard that right.
  • New PvP Currency and Seasonal PvP Vendor with new rewards
  • Ranked PvP Tokens are being removed in 7.2! So spend any you have now.

The new PvP Track rewards:

New PvP 4v4 Map

Named the Onderon Palatial Ruins. Jackie hinted at some secrets hidden in the map, so explore.

Gearing Changes

New Floors and Ceilings for the gear. Now we start and end a little higher.

Also mentioned as coming soon:

  • New Legendary Implants
  • Currency Conversions
  • Quality of Life Improvements

New UI/UX Features & Updates

Map Revamp

More customizations will be introduced along with the new way to view the maps.

Other Changes to UI/UX

  • Updated tooltips
  • Customizable Utility Bar
  • Colorblind Mode
  • Deconstruct & Delete Window (Delete part is new for multiple deletion of items) <- Love this!

New Cartel Items

Just some of the new Cartel Items coming with 7.2

Life Day Event

New Rewards for Life Day

So, there you have it, a quick rundown of all that was in the video. The 7.2 Update will be launching this Winter and the PTS will be available soon.

Here’s to hoping for a smooth transition to the new. 🙂