Sunday, June 16, 2024

7.3 Livestream Summary

They have done it again, given us a nice sneak peek into what is coming to get us all excited about the new stuff. Let’s dig into what was covered.

Sales & Limited Time Items

Old Wounds Storyline & Characters

  • Returning to the Darth Malgus Storyline
  • Allies that have been searching for clues to Darth Nul
  • A new Nul relic is discovered
  • Returning & New Characters
  • New! Flashpoint
  • New! Landing Zone on Voss – Interpreter’s Retreat
    • Side Missions
    • Achievements
    • New Decos
    • New Armor Set
  • Story continues with the Shrine Restoration Initiative

Returning Characters

Darth Malgus

Shae Vizla


Torian Cadera

New Characters

New! Flashpoint – “Shrine of Silence”

See the preview video here: Shrine of Silence Flashpoint Video

The new flashpoint will be on Voss.

  • Repeatable group and solo
  • Story, Veteran and Master modes
  • Not required for story missions, but related to them
  • Flashpoint story hints:
    • Two Voss Mystics have gone missing
    • Many believe the Shrine is “cursed”
  • Bosses: Corrupted Vorantikus and “The Curse” (still work in progress)
  • The Curse
    • Created by Sith experimentation from centuries ago
    • Taps into the Spirit World and corrupts its victims
    • Was abandoned and has been growing in power, absorbing the environment’s natural elements

Overview of Interpreter’s Retreat

New Landing Zone on Voss

New Decorations

New Armors

PvP Changes

What is coming in 7.3:

  • More updates to the Medals (similar to 7.2)
  • Increased points for Defenders & Attackers
    • Voidstar
      • Increased the points defenders and attackers get for defeating the players near the doors.
    • Novare Coast
      • Adding in points for defeating players near the objectives and increasing the defender points gained for guarding an objective.
    • Huttball
      • Players will gain increased points for defeating players near endzones, increased points gained when defeating the ball carrier, and when the team scores the entire team will be rewarded for the score
  • New PvP Season begins July 18th and runs 12 weeks
  • PvP Season 2 Armor Set – Sandstorm Soldier Set (pictured below)

*will update as more information becomes available on the forums and PTS

Credit Economy Initiative

What has been done so far?

  • Travel costs
  • Credit Inflow and Sinks Adjustments
  • Durability loss changes and Repair Costs based on Item Level

What is coming?

  • New Taxes for:
    • Secured Trade
    • Mail
    • Collect on Deposit
    • Based on Credit Value and some item values in the transaction
  • Changes will be on PTS and more details will be on forum
  • These are to align costs of interacting with the player market ahead one more updates – the Galactic Trade Network overhaul:
    • Increased Usability
    • Make finding what you want easier
    • Eventually, Market Data that will help buyers and sellers reach fair prices, with a shift to commodity market with Buy Orders
    • Adjustments to the Buyout Price Limit
    • Adjustments to taxes to a progressive scale based on price

What is the Goal?

  • Credits should be the primary driver of in-game economy
  • Galactic Trade Network should be the premier place of trade in game
  • Inflation, if it isn’t controlled, creates a difficult environment for meaningful rewards (and new players)
  • Changes will be made in several phases and releases
  • Goal is to improve the entire game ecosystem not just the credit economy

Offer your feedback on these changes on the SWTOR Forums.

New Cartel Items

Nar Shaddaa Nightlife

  • Begins July 11 and will run for 6 weeks.
  • New rewards including the High Roller Skiff

Community Updates

  • New community mount granted from the SWTOR Community Team, official content creators, or through marketing inititatives (hinted: Jet Pack)
  • Full list of content creators can be found here: SWTOR Content Creators

Thank you to all of you for sticking with the game, through the rough patches and the big changes. They have major updates planned that we all look forward to. Don’t give up! So much more to come!

And thank you all for visiting my site and continuing to support me. I hope I can continue to update and keep more information and guides for the game coming for years to come.