Saturday, May 18, 2024

7.4 “Chains in the Dark” Update

Fresh off the livestream, here are some of the announced things coming in the 7.4 “Chains in the Dark” Update.

Following the showdown between Shae Vizla and Heta Kol, players will be returning to Ord Mantell to explore a small, provincial island called Kessan’s Landing to face the Hidden Chain strike team head on. Included is a New! Daily Area and New! World Boss.

The Hidden Chain are attacking multiple locations at once and players must stop their assault on Ord Mantell. Kessan’s Landing is a previously unexplored area of Ord Mantell that is technically overseen by the Republic military, but without support. Locals are suspicious and there is new Separatist activity. Talking to those you meet may give you a chance to convince them to join your side.

Overview of Kessan’s Landing:

  • New Landing zone on Ord Mantell
    • Repeatable Missions
      • New Daily Area
      • New World Boss
    • Achievements
    • Reputation Rewards
      • New Titles and Decos
      • New Armor Set and Mount
    • “Unique Tech” Secret Mission
      • Players will travel all over the galaxy to assemble a piece of tech that will be useful on Kessan’s Landing.

New & Returning Characters

New World Boss & Reputation Rewards

Ord Mantell will now have a New! World Boss named FR3-DOM. They gave us a hint…watch the ground for plasma while fighting him.

Reputation and World Boss drop mounts will be available, amongst other reputation rewards.

GTN & Cinematic Lighting Updates

The GTN is getting a major overhaul. You will now have a lot more control over what you are looking for and selling with alot of the math figured for you. You will be able to see your profit, the tax the buyer will pay, and the lists are more condensed for ease of finding things. There is a lot more, but it is a work in progress, so we will find out more in the future.

New Cinematic Lighting updates have already been slowly added a little at a time, but a full update to them will be included in the 7.4 update. This lighting change will allow better coloring, crisper scenes and more details to show, giving us a better player experience for viewing.

So, what is coming in the new update for gear? Let me break it down for you.

Item Ceiling Increase

The new ceilings will be:

Noble Decurion – 340

Supreme Decurion – 340

Tionese – 340

Columi – 340

Rakata – 344

Thyrsian – 336

Legendary Implants & Zeek & Hyde Mods to 340

The Legendary Implants will be upped to 340 and the non-legendary implants will no longer drop. If you have any, you will still be able to upgrade them at the vendors. As before, once you equip two level 340 Legendary Implants, you will get the achievement and the cost of upgrades will again be reduced.

Zeek & Hyde will now have another mission for you to get Artifact 340 mods, so make sure you check in with them again to get those new higher level mods.

More Access to Rakata Gear & OP-1 Catalysts

Rakata gear will now be available at level 344 in Master Operations and able to be upgraded at the Operations Upgrade vendor on Fleet. You will be able to convert Virulent 340 gear to Rakata 342 gear at the R-4 Veteran Exchange vendor on Fleet with R-4 Veteran Tokens, OP-1 Catalysts and credits.

A new way to get OP-1 Catalysts will be via Master Mode Chapters. You will get 8 OP-1 catalysts when you complete a Master Mode Chapter. A side note from the stream…RAKATA gear will be able to be earned no matter what you play in the future.

With the holiday season comes our annual Life Day celebration. Watch for news on that and the new items available soon on the forums and news feeds at

New Cartel Sneak Peek

Some new color tech is coming! Called Specularity, which, when applied to colors, can alter how metallic or matte things look. This being added has given us 6 news dyes coming that are pearlescent, metallic and matte. In the future, this tech may be used on armor sets, weapons, mounts and more. Samples below.

Some of the weapons coming in the new update include a sniper rifle, a weapons set in three colors and Darth Nul’s dualsaber.