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Alderaan Vendors

Imperial Vendors


Cantina Vendor

LOCATION: Thul Cantina on your way to the Thul Market and House

Item NamePrice
Deviled Zeldrate Egg500
Field Command Stim1,750
Field Fortitude Stim1,750
Holiday Special500
Jukebox Token100
Premium Bio-Enhanced Versatile Stim120

Kreth Donar

GSI Requisition Officer

LOCATION: Just outside the Rhu Caenus Spaceport to the left.

Item NamePrice
GSI Triangulation Enhancer Mark I2,500
Optimized Command Stim4,500
Optimized Fortitude Stim4,500
Optimized Medpac500
Premium Nano-Infused Versatile Stim620

Private Ivis

Crew Skill Trade Vendor

LOCATION: Thul Market

Item NamePrice
Brazing Flux300
Brocart Filaments225
Conductive Flux15
Cortosis Substrate600
Corundum Powder900



LOCATION: King’s Pass, in the valley near the middle.

Item NamePrice
Red Detonite Actuator2000