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Even though we don’t use these for gear stat bonuses, some like to collect for the achievements (in the “Retired Achievements” section under Equipment Sets) or just for the look of them. Below is what sets are available at the new vendor S3T-BNS on fleet. He is located where Kai Zykken used to be and has a nice story for where Kai went.

If you would like to submit photos of any of the sets we don’t have, please visit here for directions. And thank you for the help!

NOTE: Make sure you equip sets listed for your class and discipline. They are not usable by others.

Usable by All Classes

Trooper / Bounty Hunter

Smuggler / Imperial Agent

Jedi Consular / Sith Inquisitor

Jedi Knight / Sith Warrior

Special Thanks To:

Dragoslavradanov from Mental Knights (Apex Predator photo);
Awoocorn from Mental Knights (Comet Champion’s photo);
Cihaq from Jade Dominion/Jade Republic (Authority, Flawless Riposte, The Undying photos);
Cease (The Culling Blade, Emergency Power, Veteran Ranger’s photos);
Rerali from Mental Knights (The Controller, Woad’s Instinct, Escape Artist photos)

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