7.2 Dev Updates

Legacy of the Sith Original

I am going to try to keep up with the relevant updates from 7.2 Dev updates forum as they come out. I will list the date of when I update and a link to the original post as well as a quick summary. Post Links: Gearing Updates Floor & Ceiling Increases They have raised the … Read more

End Game Gearing

Legacy of the Sith Original

What Is There To Know? Below are some quick links to help you along the road to your gearing journey. From explaining what changed Legacy of the Sith brought with it, to the new modifications and gear levels. I will note some basic rundowns of what is included in each page. Enjoy, and I hope … Read more


All the end game tacticals available sorted by class and discipline. *updated Sept. 16, 2022 All Classes and Disciplines Imperial Classes Republic Classes

Tactical & Implant Pairings

Legacy of the Sith Original

Tacticals and Implants pairings based on class and disciplines. Updated for 7.1. Recommended implants from Merlyn’s graphic list here. All Classes Class Discipline Tacticals Name Description All All A Breath of Fresh Air Every third activation of your basic attack restores 10% of your Class Resource. (Onderon Reputation Vendor) All All Biorhythm Dealing Damage increases … Read more

Virulent Gear

Operations Gear – Virulent *Updated for 7.1 – September 12, 2022 Damage Classes Healer Classes Tank Classes

Hazardous Gear

Operations Gear – Hazardous *Updated for 7.1 – September 12, 2022 Damage Classes Healer Classes Tank Classes

Modifications – 80+

Currently, the modifications available are listed below. There are, I’m sure, other mods in the game that will become available. Check back often to see what’s new. Enhancements Hilts Mods Resistive Armoring Barrels Augments Coming soon…

Legendary Implants

Legendary implants can be earned by leveling to level 80 and doing the “Technological Advancement” mission given to you by Lonndar Eadwinn, a blue Twi’lek character who is an Implant Researcher, on fleet. He will give you a list of missions or activities to complete. They include meeting conquest, flashpoints, dailies, pvp, operations and more. … Read more