PvP Rewards (PTS 7.2)

All the items as of Nov. 22, 2022 as listed by JackieKo on the SWTOR Forums. Prices may vary when they go live and the currency is PvP Season Tokens. This page will be removed when the 7.2 is made live and replaced with the new information available then. Other News for PvP As of … Read more

7.2 Dev Updates

Legacy of the Sith Original

I am going to try to keep up with the relevant updates from 7.2 Dev updates forum as they come out. I will list the date of when I update and a link to the original post as well as a quick summary. Post Links: Gearing Updates Floor & Ceiling Increases They have raised the … Read more

7.2 Livestream Notes

All the information they gave us and a look at some new features and items coming with 7.2 Update this winter. All the information I am including is directly from the stream located here. Introducing Ruhnuk The environment of Ruhnuk: A dry, arid plateau based planet full of river valleys Originally inhabited due to the … Read more

7.1.1 Overview – Updated!

Our friend Jackie Ko has given us some details for what is coming up for the 7.1.1 Game Update. First things first, dates…targeted for Fall 2022. What Is Included With This Update? Galactic Seasons 3 – “Luck of the Draw” PH4-LNX, the new Croupier Droid, the Gambling Authority & Managment Entity. Feast of Prosperity Event … Read more