Customize Your UI

Knowing how to set up keybindings, move things around, the map overlay settings and more can be overwhelming for new players and even some veteran players. Our friends Akhroma and Fustilarian at Exile’s End / Outcast End on Star Forge Server have kindly allowed me to use their guide with tips and tricks to customize … Read more

PvP Rewards (PTS 7.2)

All the items as of Nov. 22, 2022 as listed by JackieKo on the SWTOR Forums. Prices may vary when they go live and the currency is PvP Season Tokens. This page will be removed when the 7.2 is made live and replaced with the new information available then. Other News for PvP As of … Read more

Million Point Conquest Guide

Need to help the guild get some good conquest to get on the leaderboard?Want to reach a high personal goal for conquest? We are here to help. Below are some routes you can take, or combine, to reach 1,000,000 conquest points during a conquest week. Keep in mind, some things will change depending on the … Read more

Emotes – I Wanna Dance!

We all love the emotes, let’s dance, kneel to our leaders, clap for accomplishments, and so on. But which ones can each level of player do? Here is the breakdown in a sortable and searchable table. Emotes All emotes listed in game as of Oct. 5, 2022

7.1.1 Overview – Updated!

Our friend Jackie Ko has given us some details for what is coming up for the 7.1.1 Game Update. First things first, dates…targeted for Fall 2022. What Is Included With This Update? Galactic Seasons 3 – “Luck of the Draw” PH4-LNX, the new Croupier Droid, the Gambling Authority & Managment Entity. Feast of Prosperity Event … Read more


All flashpoints have a minimum level they can be entered or queued for. Story Flashpoints: Can be entered alone or in a group. These flashpoints have parts of the players story they may not want to miss and they give you a droid to help you get through it. Veteran Flashpoints: Meant to be done … Read more

Quick Conquest Guide

Planetary conquest is a list of objectives that gives you conquest points. Those points give both you and a guild (if you are in one) points to work toward rewards at the end of the conquest week. Each individual member of a guild has personal conquest points with a target set at 100,000. When you … Read more

Conquest Objectives

The following is what I have so far for the Conquest Objectives. I will update as I get new information and slowly add the events specific objectives. For now, enjoy!


What are Strongholds? Strongholds are legacy-wide residences that can be purchased by players to customize and decorate. You can use them for many different things like relaxing away from other players, dueling friends, role playing and more. Where Do You Get Strongholds? To purchase a stronghold, you can go to the fleet and talk to … Read more


What is Conquest? Conquest is a way of gaining some weekly rewards for completing rotating weekly objectives while you play. The objectives change each week and are based on the current Conquest event. The conquest objectives are in thee separate tiers, levels 10-49, levels 50-70, level 71 plus, while rewards have level 80 specific rewards … Read more