Conquest Objectives

The following is what I have so far for the Conquest Objectives. I will update as I get new information and slowly add the events specific objectives. For now, enjoy!


What are Strongholds? Strongholds are legacy-wide residences that can be purchased by players to customize and decorate. You can use them for many different things like relaxing away from other players, dueling friends, role playing and more. Where Do You Get Strongholds? To purchase a stronghold, you can go to the fleet and talk to … Read more


What is Conquest? Conquest is a way of gaining some weekly rewards for completing rotating weekly objectives while you play. The objectives change each week and are based on the current Conquest event. The conquest objectives are in thee separate tiers, levels 10-49, levels 50-70, level 71 plus, while rewards have level 80 specific rewards … Read more


General Currency Cartel CoinsUsed on Cartel Market Cartel Coins are in-game currency acquired by spending real money, or by subscribing to Star Wars: The Old Republic. With the subscription you will receive 500 cartel coins per month upon renewal. Another way to get an additional 100 cartel coins is to set up a security key … Read more

Creating A New Character

Starting a new game can be very challenging for some, and even a bit confusing. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an MMORPG game that offers a solo story, group activities, crafting and much more. But let’s get to telling you how to create your character and the options you will have. How to … Read more


What Are Guilds? Guilds are an in-game mechanic that feature various perks and bonuses to gameplay, as well as offer great social opportunities and even guild strongholds and a flagship. When you create or join a guild, you are essentially teaming up with other players in the same guild to conquer in-game territories on different … Read more

To Subscribe or Not Subscribe?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has so much for everyone to do to play the game, but it does have some limitations for those that are not subscribers. You do get a very large portion of the game free to play, so you can do the main story to see how it all wraps up … Read more