All flashpoints have a minimum level they can be entered or queued for. Story Flashpoints: Can be entered alone or in a group. These flashpoints have parts of the players story they may not want to miss and they give you a droid to help you get through it. Veteran Flashpoints: Meant to be done … Read more

Entry Locations

For those of you that decide not to use the Groupfinder way of entering, here is the location of all the entrances for flashpoints, uprisings and operations. Flashpoints Uprisings (coming soon) Operations

Story Progression

Chapter I Chapter II Chapter III Interlude Rise of the Hutt Cartel Forged Alliances Shadow of Revan Knights of the Fallen Empire Knights of the Eternal Throne Fractured Alliances Jedi Under Seige Onslaught Echoes of Oblivion Legacy of the Sith