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All heroics for both factions on the story planets. Table of Contents Alderaan Balmorra Belsavis Corellia Coruscant Dromund Kaas Hoth Hutta Ilum Korriban Nar Shaddaa Ord Mantell Taris Tatooine Tython Voss Alderaan Republic Imperial Balmorra Republic Imperial Belsavis Republic Imperial Corellia Republic Imperial Coruscant Republic Only Dromund Kaas Imperial Only Hoth Republic Imperial Hutta Imperial … Read more


Story Progression

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Table of Contents Republic Class Stories Imperial Class Stories Interlude Rise of the Hutt Cartel Forged Alliances Shadow of Revan Knights of the Fallen Empire Knights of the Eternal Throne Fractured Alliances Jedi Under Siege Onslaught Echoes of Oblivion Legacy of the Sith Republic Imperial Interlude Both Factions Rise of the Hutt Cartel Both Factions … Read more