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Codex is a database of the lore from in-game that you can collect from playing, exploring and defeating certain enemies. Codex lore items will glow blue to signify they are a Lore Object for collection.

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Acklay are native to the planet Vendaxa, whose ultra-dense ecosystem lends itself to evolutionary specialization. There, acklay are among the top predators, able to stalk and eviscerate prey among the jungles and plains, tracking creatures by their electrical auras. An acklay is not built to build nests or forage or migrate when seasons change–an acklay only knows how to hunt, and survive the hunting.

Despite various governments’ efforts to prevent the spread of acklay, the creatures are traded on the black market as gladiatorial challenges and targets for big game hunters. Inevitably, a few acklay escape or are left out in the wild, and the creatures either die–or they breed, survive and threaten anyone they encounter.
Category: Bestiary
Related planet: Belsavis
Unlockable by: All Classes
Faction: Both
XP level: 40
Related NPCs
Kill the following NPC to get this codex entry:
• Acklay Research Specimen
• Tamed Acklay Ravager
• Experimental Weaponized Acklay
Clickable Objects
Activate this lore object to get the codex entry:
• Acklay