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Codex is a database of the lore from in-game that you can collect from playing, exploring and defeating certain enemies. Codex lore items will glow blue to signify they are a Lore Object for collection.

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Rendili Hyperworks BT-7 Thunderclap
Based on smaller rapid assault ships, the BT-7 Thunderclap was originally developed during the war for fast deployment under fire. This revised design has been outfitted for Republic Special Forces with a streamlined hull, prototype armor plating and flexible bulkheads designed to absorb heavy impacts.

The Thunderclap’s main deck features a command center, secure armory, fully outfitted medical bay and briefing room. Provisions have been made for squad comfort with a spacious bunk room and recreational facilities. The upper deck houses the bridge and navigation computer, and can be sealed by heavy pressure doors in an emergency.

For armaments, the Thunderclap has one primary and two secondary heavy laser cannons. State-of-the-art tactical computers and targeting systems ensure every shot counts. Although the ship’s design is intended to deflect blaster fire away from the main compartments, modular shield systems ensure few attacks get that close.
Category: Ships
Related Planet: Coruscant
Unlockable by: Trooper
Faction: Republic
XP level: 15