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Combat Styles – Imperial

What Are Combat Styles?

Combat Styles are basically the new words for Advanced Class that we used before 7.0. Your Combat Style will determine what abilities and weapons you have access to. You are no longer tied to just the Combat Styles that go with the Class, or Origin Story, you choose.

But there are some limitations, and that is where we will start.

First, Choose Your Origin Story

When you first create a character, you will choose the Origin Story. For this guide, we will focus on the Sith Inquisitor and Sith Warrior Origin Stories and available Combat Styles.

Combat Style Availability

Ok, now that you have chosen either Sith Inquisitor or Sith Warrior you will have options based on quite a few factors as to which Combat Styles will be open to you. Let’s break those down for you.

New Subscribers & Free Players

As new subscribers and free players, you will be given access to only the basic four Imperial Force user Combat Styles. These are:


Opening More Combat Styles

For existing Characters, the Combat Styles available will depend on your Alignment with the Force. Light Side Combat styles are available to your Dark Side characters only if you have unlocked the Light V achievement in your Legacy.

If you have not unlocked the Light V achievement in your Legacy, your Alignment with the Force at the end of Act 3 of your Origin Story determines the Combat Styles available to you.

Example: If you play to the end of your Origin Story as a Sith Inquisitor and your Force Alignment is Light Side, you will be able to choose to switch to the mirror of your Combat Style, Assassin to Shadow and Sorcerer to Sage.

So what determines your Light Side or Dark Side alignment?

With Legacy of the Sith, they decided to tie your Combat Styles to your Alignment to make your choices more meaningful, giving you something to work towards if you decide you would like to change your Alignment.

You can earn Dark and Light Side points through:

  • Conversation Choices
  • Diplomacy Crew Skills missions

Secondary Combat Styles

If you have completed your Origin Story, and are a subscriber, you will be able to choose your second Combat Style. For Sith Inquisitors and Sith Warriors, the mission will be called “Training in the Force”. Side note: Once you have finished all the Origin Stories, this second Combat Style mission will be available upon first creating and loading into all new and existing characters in your Legacy.

Some things to remember:

  • Your Secondary Combat Style is PERMANENT, so choose wisely.
  • Secondary Combat Styles feature is Subscriber only.
    • If you are a subscriber and your subscription ends, you will keep the Combat Style that was last active on your character while you were subscribed and you will only have access to Loadouts for that Combat Style.
  • Combat Styles weapons vary, so make sure you have both weapons and accessories for your Primary and Secondary Combat Style to be able to switch between them.
  • At level 60, you can choose a Loot Discipline for your Character that will allow you to choose which type of loot drops based on the Disciplines you have for your Combat Styles.
    • To choose your Loot Discipline, right-click on your Character portrait.
    • Click on Loot Discipline.
    • Choose which Discipline you want loot to drop for.
  • Take the time to set up Loadouts for each Combat Style and Discipline. Your hotbar settings are included in the Loadouts, so making a Loadout will help make switching between them much easier.

Combat Styles

Combat StyleDisciplineRangeRole

AnnihilationMelee DOT Damage
CarnageMelee Burst Damage
FuryMelee Hybrid Damage

ImmortalMelee Defense
VengeanceMelee DOT Damage
RageMelee Direct Damage

DarknessMelee Defense
DeceptionMelee Direct Damage
HatredMelee DOT Damage

CorruptionRanged Healer
LightningRanged Direct Damage
MadnessRanged DOT Damage