Conquest Objectives

The following is what I have so far for the Conquest Objectives. I will update as I get new information and slowly add the events specific objectives. For now, enjoy!

Daily Repeatable
Infinitely Repeatable
 Activity Base Points150% SH Bonus
Activity Finder: Flashpoints38009500
Activity Finder: Socialite I1165029125
Activity Finder: Socialite II2185054625
Advancement: Gain 5 Levels1165029125
Advancement: Gain a Level16504125
Advancement: Hail a Taxi7501875
Advancement: Legacy670016750
Advancement: Reputation1755043875
Alderaan: Bonus Series20005000
Alderaan: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Alderaan: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Alderaan: Heroic Missions20005000
Alderaan: Mission Complete20005000
Balmorra: Bonus Series20005000
Balmorra: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Balmorra: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Balmorra: Heroic Missions20005000
Balmorra: Mission Complete20005000
Belsavis: Bonus Series20005000
Belsavis: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Belsavis: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Belsavis: Heroic Missions20005000
Belsavis: Mission Complete20005000
Chapters: Any960024000
Chapters: Defeat Skytroopers960024000
Companion: Benefactor7501875
Companion: Influencer670016750
Corellia: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Corellia: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Corellia: Heroic Missions20005000
Corellia: Mission Complete20005000
Coruscant: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Coruscant: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Coruscant: Heroic Missions20005000
Coruscant: Mission Complete20005000
Coruscant: SD-01445036125
Crafting: Aid the War Effort33508375
Crafting: Dark Project33508375
Crafting: Dark Project Eternal470011750
Crafting: Dark Project Pinnacle1845046125
Crafting: Invasion Force670016750
Crafting: Inventor640016000
Crafting: War Supplies20005000
Crew Skills: Harvesting11002750
Crew Skills: Harvesting Pinnacle670016750
Crew Skills: Missions11002750
Crew Skills: Missions Pinnacle670016750
Crew Skills: Rank Up25006250
CZ-198: Defeat Enemies 116504125
CZ-198: Defeat Enemies 233508375
CZ-198: Mission Complete20005000
CZ-198: Weekly Patrol430010750
Dantooine: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Dantooine: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Dantooine: Mission Complete20005000
Dromund Kaas: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Dromund Kaas: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Dromund Kaas: Heroic Missions20005000
Dromund Kaas: Mission Complete20005000
Dromund Kaas: The First1445036125
Flashpoint: Assault On Tython470011750
Flashpoint: Athiss38009500
Flashpoint: Athiss (Master Mode)575014375
Flashpoint: Black Talon (Master Mode)470011750
Flashpoint: Cademimu (Master Mode)575014375
Flashpoint: Directive 7470011750
Flashpoint: Esseles (Master Mode)690017250
Flashpoint: False Emperor (Master Mode)690017250
Flashpoint: Kaon Under Siege670016750
Flashpoint: Lost Island (Master Mode)1165029125
Flashpoint: Mandalorian Raiders38009500
Flashpoint: Mandalorian Raiders (Master Mode)690017250
Flashpoint: Master Mode670016750
Flashpoint: Objective Meridian (Master Mode)1375034375
Flashpoint: Rally - Part 1520013000
Flashpoint: Rally - Part 21755043875
Flashpoint: Story Mode25006250
Flashpoint: The Battle of Ilum38009500
Flashpoint: The Black Talon38009500
Flashpoint: The Esseles470011750
Flashpoint: Traitor Among the Chiss (Master Mode)1375034375
Flashpoint: Veteran Mode470011750
Hoth: Bonus Series640016000
Hoth: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Hoth: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Hoth: Heroic Missions20005000
Hoth: Mission Complete20005000
Hutta: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Hutta: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Hutta: Heroic Missions20005000
Hutta: Mission Complete20005000
Ilum: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Ilum: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Ilum: Heroic Missions20005000
Ilum: Mission Complete20005000
Iokath: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Iokath: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Iokath: Mission Complete20005000
Iokath: Weekly Patrol1980049500
Items: Credits for Junk7501875
Korriban: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Korriban: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Korriban: Heroic Missions20005000
Korriban: Mission Complete20005000
Makeb: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Makeb: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Makeb: Heroic Missions20005000
Makeb: Mission Complete20005000
Makeb: Weekly Patrol1980049500
Mek-Sha: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Mek-Sha: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Mek-Sha: Mission Complete20005000
Missions: Bonus Missions11002750
Missions: Heroic16504125
Missions: Story Time30507625
Missions: Taskmaster1060026500
Nar Shaddaa: Bonus Series640016000
Nar Shaddaa: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Nar Shaddaa: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Nar Shaddaa: Heroic Missions20005000
Nar Shaddaa: Mission Complete20005000
Onderon: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Onderon: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Onderon: Mission Complete20005000
Onderon: Weekly Patrol725018125
Operation: Master1755043875
Operation: Rally - Part 11255031375
Operation: Rally - Part 241750104375
Operation: Story725018125
Operation: Veteran1165029125
Ord Mantell: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Ord Mantell: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Ord Mantell: Heroic Missions20005000
Ord Mantell: Mission Complete20005000
Oricon: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Oricon: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Oricon: Mission Complete20005000
Oricon: Weekly Patrol845021125
Ossus: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Ossus: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Ossus: Mission Complete20005000
Osuss: Weekly Patrol1315032875
Quesh: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Quesh: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Quesh: Mission Complete20005000
Rishi: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Rishi: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Rishi: Mission Complete20005000
Section X: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Section X: Defeat Enemies 220005000
Section X: Mission Complete33508375
Section X: Weekly Patrol725018125
Solo Ranked: Achiever68650171625
Solo Ranked: Medalist33508375
Solo Ranked: Victorious430010750
Solo Ranked: Victorious 2960024000
Solo Ranked: Victorious 31445036125
Space Combat: Fleet Command11002750
Star Fortress: Alderaan20005000
Star Fortress: Alderaan (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Belsavis20005000
Star Fortress: Belsavis (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Heroic520013000
Star Fortress: Hoth20005000
Star Fortress: Hoth (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Nar Shaddaa20005000
Star Fortress: Nar Shaddaa (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Story20005000
Star Fortress: Tatooine20005000
Star Fortress: Tatooine (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Voss20005000
Star Fortress: Voss (Heroic)520013000
Star Fortress: Weekly Mission2590064750
Starfighter: Achiever48450121125
Starfighter: Bomber Pilot1445036125
Starfighter: Conquer the Skies25006250
Starfighter: Dominate the Stars470011750
Starfighter: Gunship Pilot1445036125
Starfighter: Rally - Part 21255031375
Starfighter: Rally - Part I1910047750
Starfighter: Scout Pilot1445036125
Starfighter: Striker Pilot1445036125
Stronghold: Decorator7501875
Stronghold: Minor Improvements1165029125
Stronghold: Move In Day670016750
Taris: Bonus Series640016000
Taris: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Taris: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Taris: Heroic Missions20005000
Taris: Mission Complete20005000
Tatooine: Bonus Series640016000
Tatooine: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Tatooine: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Tatooine: Heroic Mission20005000
Tatooine: Mission Complete20005000
Team Ranked: Achiever68650171625
Team Ranked: Medalist470011750
Team Ranked: Victorious575014375
Team Ranked: Victorious 21255031375
Team Ranked: Victorious 32010050250
The Black Hole: Defeat Enemies 116504125
The Black Hole: Defeat Enemies 233508375
The Black Hole: Mission Complete20005000
The Black Hole: Weekly Patrol430010750
Tython: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Tython: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Tython: Heroic Missions20005000
Tython: Mission Complete20005000
Unranked: Achiever63050157625
Unranked: Medalist16506250
Unranked: Victorious30507625
Unranked: Victorious 2670016750
Unranked: Victorious 31060026500
Uprisings: Master Weekly1375034375
Uprisings: Story Weekly3510087750
Uprisings: Tour of Duty1165029125
Uprisings: Veteran Weekly44850112125
Voss: Bonus Series640016000
Voss: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Voss: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Voss: Heroic Missions20005000
Voss: Mission Complete20005000
Warzone: Rally - Part 1640016000
Warzone: Rally - Part 22010050250
Yavin 4: Defeat Enemies 116504125
Yavin 4: Defeat Enemies 233508375
Yavin 4: Mission Complete20005000
Yavin 4: Weekly Patrol1060026500
Ziost: Mission Complete20005000
Ziost: Weekly Patrol575014375