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What is Conquest?

Conquest is a way of gaining some weekly rewards for completing rotating weekly objectives while you play. The objectives change each week and are based on the current Conquest event. The conquest objectives are in thee separate tiers, levels 10-49, levels 50-70, level 71 plus, while rewards have level 80 specific rewards added. (see below)

How to Earn Conquest Points

You gain conquest points by completing objectives on the Conquest Tab listing (default hit L in game), as well as just playing the game. Everything you do in the game earns you points.

Conquest points are tracked on your conquest tab:

Personal Conquest Objectives

As of the release of 7.0, you must now earn 100,000 points per character to reach your personal conquest. After you reach the weekly conquest points, you receive reward items.

Clicking an objective in the Conquest listing will give you a more detailed description of the objective. Some of the objectives have a button at the bottom that you can click to take you directly to that objective, whether by opening a crafting window for craft objective or map for a planetary objective, and so on.

You are able to sort the objectives by name, points, progress, repeatable, tracked and type. You can also use the track button to easily track your objectives progress, especially for multiple part objectives. By default, this tracked list is above your minimap.

Objectives with a yellow triangle, , are repeatable daily. The objectives with the infinity symbol are able to be repeated as many times as you want to. Any objectives with neither of those symbols are not repeatable and can only be done once per conquest.

Conquest objectives are across your legacy, so you can’t do the same group on each character in your legacy unless it is repeatable. All of your points and rewards are per character.

Once you complete an objective, you will get a pop up on your screen telling you it was completed and how many points your got from it. You are able to click this pop up if you want to learn more about the objective.

Benefits of a Guild

When you are part of a guild, all conquest points you earn are contributed toward your guild’s weekly planetary invasion conquest goal. When you reach your personal goal of 100,000 conquest points, in addition to your guild hitting their goal, you will be granted a second conquest reward bundle at the end of each conquest period. For more information about guilds, visit here.

Guild Invasions and Conquest

As part of a guild, the guild gets 15% bonus to your conquest points that goes toward the planetary invasion, helping the guild try and control the planet. The guild that earns the most points for a planet during the week will gain the “Conqueror of (Planet)” title and the guild name will show up on the planet when you visit until another guild wins the next invasion. You also gain access to a mount that can only be ridden on a planet your guild controls and access to an orbital bombardment item that allows you to more easily attack bosses that are shielded on planets you control.

The Weekly Leader Board

The top ten leader board shows the top ten guilds for conquest that week for the yield and/or planet chosen. Most smaller or less active guilds choose to just get conquest for the rewards, while some of the large guilds “live and breathe” getting the planets. Each guild chooses what is best for them.

Your guild also has a leader board that will show the top ten conquest earners within your guild. This will change as everyone earns conquest points throughout the week.

Conquest Rewards

Conquest rewards are the reason most players try to complete their conquest for the week. There are tiers of rewards, based on level of the character when completing conquest. As stated earlier, if your guild also reaches its conquest goal for the week, you get a second bunch of rewards at the start of the reset on Tuesday.

Conquest Rewards – Levels 10-40

Conquest Rewards – Levels 41-70

Conquest Rewards – Level 70+

Conquest Rewards – Level 80

All in all, conquest objectives and goals add a lot of team and guild oriented fun, as well as fun for those who prefer more solo oriented game play. The rewards are worth it, and it’s some good bragging rights when you (and your guild!) hit your goal.