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Crafting made easy. We have gathered as many schematics, materials, and items that can be crafted and put them all into one place.

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Many of us already know that gathering the materials needed for crafting can be tedious and time consuming. Let’s see if we can help speed that process for you a little bit. One thing to mention, all the materials can be bought on the GTN, but that can get costly, so this guide will focus more on the other ways to get your materials.

The Beginning

To unlock your crew skills, you visit the Gathering Skills vendors in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section on fleet after you complete the first planet. You can select more than one Gathering Skill, but to be better balanced, it is most recommended you also have a Crafting Skill, for which you are gathering, and a Mission Skill that you send your companion to do to bring back even more materials.

Keep in mind there are limits depending what subscription level of player you are. Below is how many crafting, gathering or mission skills you can pick up:

  • Free to Play – 1
  • Preferred – 2
  • Subscriber – 3

To pick these up, interact with the trainer. These skills are free until your gathering reaches level 600. At level 600, you can purchase the Onslaught skills for 250,000 credits that will advance you to level 700.

The Skills & Grades

The Skills

Archaeology – Yields mostly Premium quality materials
Bioanalysis – Yields mostly Premium quality materials
Scavenging – Yields mostly Premium quality materials. Useful in flashpoints to access shortcuts.
Slicing – Yields Prototype & Artifact materials and credit lockboxes. Useful in flashpoints to access shortcuts.

The Grades of Materials


Brazing Flux
Grade 5 Crafting Material

Standard, or “Supplement” as it is labeled in your inventory, is not gathered or crafted. To get these items you can:

  • Do the crew skill mission that yields Crafting Supplements (one per grade)
  • Purchase from Crew Skill Trade Vendor.
  • Buy from an Advanced Field Repair Droid that can be purchased and unlocked for your legacy. You must unlock to level 3 to be able to purchase.


Premium Tempersteel
Grade 11 Scavenged Compound

Premium can be gathered, received from companion crew skill missions, and purchased from the Jawa Hadiir located in the Cartel Bazaar on fleet using Scavenged Scraps or on the GTN. Some premium items can also be crafted.


Prototype Tempersteel
Grade 11 Scavenged Compound

Prototype can be gathered, received from companion missions, and purchased from the Jawa Mnek located in the Cartel Bazaar on fleet using Assorted Droid Parts or on the GTN. These items are sometimes found on flashpoint bosses drops. Some prototype items can also be crafted.


Artifact Tempersteel
Grade 11 Scavenged Compound

Artifact can be gathered, received from companion missions, and purchased from the Jawa Izzar located in the Cartel Bazaar on fleet using Jawa Junk or on the GTN. These items are sometimes found on flashpoint and operation bosses drops and rare mission rewards. Some artifact items can also be crafted.

Ways to get Jawa Scraps needed:

  • Easiest, most efficient way is deconstructing pieces of gear and equipment. You will get a variety of scraps and other materials.
  • [WEEKLY] Heroic Missions – All planets available.

Jawa Prices:

  • 1 piece of material costs 1 Jawa Scrap of the same quality, Grade 2 takes 2 Jawa Scrap, Grade 3 takes 3, and so on for Grades 1-10.
  • Grade 11 materials cost 200 Jawa Scraps each.

Gathering Trainers Locations

Crew Skill trainers can be found in the following places across the planets. Look for the on your map to find them.

  • Coruscant (Republic only) – Senate Plaza below the Senate Tower
  • Dromund Kaas (Imperial only) – Kaas City in the market area
  • Ilum – On the Orbital Station above the planet
  • Rishi – Raider’s Cove Trade Port area
  • Onderon (Republic only) – Iziz
  • Onderon (Imperial only) – Royal Hunting Lodges
  • Zakuul – Tram Market

Gathering Crew Skill Missions

What are Crew Skill Missions? These are missions you can send your companions to do during the times they are not in use as an active companion.

Each mission costs credits, the amount rising with each mission grade.

Each mission also takes a certain amount of time to complete. This time is determined by the influence level you have with your companion. The timer will continue until the mission is completed, whether you stay logged in or not.

How Many Companions Can I Send At Once?

The number of companions sent out at once depends on your level. The maximum number you can send at the same time is eight. An important note: any companions you send out will be completely unavailable while on the mission, so make sure they are not one you would want to accompany you on tasks while playing.

So How So I Send Them On A Mission?

You can open your missions list by hitting the B (default key). This will open the Crew Skills window. From there, you choose which companion and click the crew skill you would like to send them on.

After you choose which skill, you can then choose which mission you want to send them on and click the “send companion” button and they will go on that mission.

What Do The Yields Mean?

All the levels have yields listed. They are mostly a random amount, but generally Moderate & Bountiful missions will give 2-10 items:

  • Archaeology – Premium quality
  • Bioanalysis – Premium quality
  • Scavenging – Premium quality
  • Slicing – Prototype quality; Artifact quality on critical success*

Grade 11 Items-

  • All four skills yield Premium quality
  • Abundant Yield also yield Prototype quality
  • Rich Yield also yields Prototype and Artifact qualities
  • Prosperous – from Blue Mission Discoveries
  • Wealthy – from Purple Mission Discoveries
  • *Critical Success: A mission is considered a Critical Success when it is done well. What does this mean? It means you will receive a higher than usual amount of materials and/or Artifact quality materials. The higher the influence with your companion, the higher chance of Critical Success.
  • Mission Failure: It is also possible for your companion to fail their mission and come back empty handed or with very little.

Mission Grade Levels – When They Unlock

GradeLevel Unlocked
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