Thursday, June 20, 2024

Creating A New Character

Starting a new game can be very challenging for some, and even a bit confusing. Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) is an MMORPG game that offers a solo story, group activities, crafting and much more. But let’s get to telling you how to create your character and the options you will have.

How to Create a New Character

When you first log into the game, you will be greeted by a screen asking you what you would like to create. New players will only have the option to go straight to creating a character, whereas those that have subscribed or are preferred status will see a menu asking to choose between Level Boost or regular character creation. We will discuss Level Boost a little later, for now, we are going to focus on the new character creation.

If you have never played SWTOR before, you will see the create a character option to make your first character. If you are a returning player, you can make your character by selecting the “Create Character” button at the bottom of the list of ones already created before.

Step 1: Choose Your Allegiance

You have to decide if you will fight for the Empire or for the Republic. This is a permanent choice, so choose wisely. Once you choose your faction, you will not be able to change it.

Step 2: Choose Your Origin Story and Combat Style

Your Origin Story is which storyline you want to do. Each faction has four storylines to choose from, two force users and two tech users. Each Origin Story will have what is now called Combat Styles, but they are not tied together anymore.

If you are new to the game, you won’t have many options due to the need for alignment and leveling to open the other Combat Styles. Returning players will notice they may have some extra Combat Styles open to choose from.

Since your storyline is no longer tied to your combat style, you have more options to choose from as you play the game and open the other styles. One big limitation is you are locked into either force combat styles or tech styles, for instance a Sith Inquisitor cannot carry an assault cannon or a Bounty Hunter a lightsaber. You must choose from what is available in your style.

Step 3: Choose Your Species

The species you get to choose from depends on your subscription status, which origin story you choose and whether or not you have bought any unlocks. The three main species that all get to choose from are Human, Cyborg, and Zabrak. You can unlock more species by playing through the various Origin stories (opposite factions) or by unlocking them either in Cartel Market or in your Legacy.

Your choice here isn’t permanent, but is costly to change, so be sure you make who you want to play for the whole Origin Story to make it more enjoyable.

The species will be seen on the left hand side of the appearance screen (see below).

Step 4: Choose Your Character Gender

Here you choose if you want your character a male or a female. Each will open up separate and some shared appearance options. There isn’t much difference between the two other than physical appearance and voice actors. The game play is basically the same, with a few different remarks throughout the story.

You are also able to romance either gender after finishing chapter 3, but before that, you only have the option of opposite gender romance. Some have found some small ways to flirt with same gender NPC’s, so eventually it may be entirely possible.

The gender select is on both the Origin Story selection page and the Appearance Customization page in the lower left corner. You can see it’s location in the photos above and below.

Step 5: Customizing Your Appearance

Species & Gender on the Left; Appearance and Name Area on the Right.

Ok, so this is where we all lose time, making our character’s look like we want them to. There are hundreds of variations you can come up with to customize your character. Enjoy the choices and have fun.

Here you have sliders that allow you to choose from all the different options for body shape, eye colors, hair styles, hair colors, skin colors and more. These are more limited for free players, but still enough to optimize a good look, and some of the options vary by species.

Once you have finished making your character, you need to choose a name and enter the game.