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Flashpoints are for 1 to 4 players. We have gathered maps, objectives, some secrets and pointers from veteran players.

General Information

A Traitor Among the Chiss

    Assault on Tython


        Battle of Rishi

          Blood Hunt

            Boarding Party


                Colicoid War Games

                  Crisis on Umbara

                    Czerka Core Meltdown

                      Czerka Corporate Labs

                        Depths of Manaan

                          Directive 7

                            Hammer Station

                              Kaon Under Siege

                                Korriban Incursion

                                  Kuat Drive Yards

                                    Legacy of the Rakata

                                      Lost Island

                                        Maelstrom Prison

                                          Mandalorian Raiders

                                            Objective Meridian

                                              Secrets of the Enclave

                                                Shrine of Silence

                                                  Spirit of Vengeance

                                                    Taral V

                                                      The Battle of Ilum

                                                        The Black Talon

                                                          The Esseles

                                                            The False Emperor

                                                              The Foundry

                                                                The Nathema Conspiracy

                                                                  THE RED REAPER

                                                                    The Ruins of Nul