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All flashpoints have a minimum level they can be entered or queued for.

Story Flashpoints: Can be entered alone or in a group. These flashpoints have parts of the players story they may not want to miss and they give you a droid to help you get through it.

Veteran Flashpoints: Meant to be done with a group of four, any class, level or role combination. Experienced players may also be able to solo some.

Master Flashpoints: Difficult and are meant to be done with a specific group of four including one healer, one tank and two DPS. All master flashpoints now can only be entered as a level 80.

Activity Finder: Veteran and Master Flashpoints can be entered via the activity finder to get a random group of four to complete the flashpoint. Activity Finder flashpoints have a minimum level to queue for them.

Veteran Flashpoints Activity Finder Note: The Activity Finder will show what flashpoints you have available at your level based on your story. All veterans are listed as levels 10-80, with recommended levels noted with mouse-over popups. We have listed the recommended level a player should be before attempting that flashpoint.

For a list of entry points to walk into the flashpoints, visit here.

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**All information has been updated for 7.3. If you notice any differences, please let us know. Things are changing often with patches.

NameFactionSolo or Walk-In GroupActivity Finder
The Black Talon10+10+50+10+80
The Esseles10+10+50+10+80
Hammer Station 15+50+15+80
Athiss 17+70+17+80
Mandalorian Raiders 21+70+21+80
Cademimu 25+70+25+80
Boarding Party29+29+70+29+80
Taral V29+29+70+29+80
The Foundry29+29+70+29+80
Maelstrom Prison29+29+70+29+80
Colicoid War Games* 37+
The Red Reaper 41+70+41+80
Directive 7 45+45+70+45+80
The Battle of Ilum 48+48+70+48+80
The False Emperor 50+50+70+50+80
Kaon Under Seige 50+70+50+80
Lost Island 50+70+50+80
Czerka Corporate Labs 55+70+55+80
Czerka Core Meltdown 55+70+55+80
Kuat Drive Yards 15+
Assault on Tython 53+53+70+53+80
Korriban Incursion 53+53+70+53+80
Depths of Manaan 53+53+70+53+80
Legacy of the Rakata 53+53+70+53+80
Blood Hunt 55+53+70+53+80
Battle of Rishi 55+53+70+53+80
Crisis on Umbara 7015+70+70+80
A Traitor Among the Chiss 7070+70+70+80
The Nathema Conspiracy 7070+70+70+80
Objective Meridian 7570+70+70+80
Spirit of Vengeance 7570+75+70+80
Secret of the Enclave 7570+75+70+80
The Ruins of Nul 8070+75+70+80
Shrine of Silence 8070+75+70+80
  • As of update 7.0, Colicoid War Games bolsters to level 80.