Thursday, July 18, 2024

Galactic Season 5: “Confidence in Power”

Galactic Season 5 is set to begin with the launch of the Game Update 7.3.1. After the update goes live, players will be able to start on their reward tracks and earn all new rewards. Here is what to expect this season.

New Storytelling

In the previous seasons, we did short storylines with a new companion. Season 5 will be introducing a new way to engage with the story told in Galactic Seasons, making story progression part of the rewards for the season. Players will be unlocking new story missions as they progress through the new reward track, with the final mission being granted at level 40.

This season’s story will have players meeting an astromech named 3V-1L, a peculiar droid who serves a mysterious Master. The droid will test you through a series of trials to see if you are worthy of the Master’s teachings of the “dark side.” You must decide if this is a prank or a serious threat and how deeply you will commit to these “dark” trials to uncover the truth.

You will use special transmission items gained from the Season Reward track and mission completions, receiving new missions as you progress through the Reward Track. Once you complete the mission on any character, you will be able to re-acquire the mission items on other characters from the Galactic Seasons vendor, Jaliet Nall. Story missions are optional so a player can progress on the Reward Track regardless of story mission completion.

Updating Objectives

New objectives are being added that will involve setting companions to specific roles, Space Missions, and Operations. There are more objectives available for Subscribers and Preferred Players.

They have also added more objectives with the goal of creating more variety and making objectives easier to understand.

Flashpoint and Uprising objectives are being updated to make the requirements needed to complete the objective clearer. Here is the example they gave for how they will be changed:

Previous Season: Complete Flashpoints (1 point). Earn bonus progress for completing Depths of Manaan, Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, or Secrets of the Enclave (requires content) (4 points). Earn additional bonus progress for defeating their Bonus Bosses (3 points).

Will now read: Complete Flashpoints from the following list: Depths of Manaan, Assault on Tython, Korriban Incursion, or Secrets of the Enclave (requires content).

And lastly, more objectives are being added for Subscribers. Objectives will increase to 11, up from 10, to allow more options for players. The maximum number of objectives will still remain at 7, however, the additional objective will give more opportunity to take part in group content like Uprisings, Operations, and Chapters.

Seasonal rewards

Like the previous Seasons, there will be both a Free and a Subscriber track to earn rewards from as you complete objectives and progress through the Galactic Season.

The following are the rewards available:

Free / Preferred

  • “Dark Tidings” Mission Unlock
  • “Small Victories” Mission Unlock
  • “Chains or Freedom” Mission Unlock
  • Legacy Title: The Corrupted
  • 2500 Tech Fragments (in total)
  • Brrazz’s Gift x4
  • Medal of Commendation x5
  • Legendary Embers x5
  • Galactic Season Token x5
  • Iokath Recombinator x5
  • Bronze Cartel Armor Crate x2
  • Bronze Cartel Decoration Crate x3
  • Bronze Cartel Mount Crate x2
  • Bronze Cartel Weapon Crate x2
  • Silver Cartel Armor Crate
  • Silver Cartel Decoration Crate x2
  • Silver Cartel Mount Crate
  • Silver Cartel Weapon Crate
  • Gold Cartel Decoration Crate x2
  • Hijacked Imperial Weapon set
  • Waste Receptacle Decoration
  • Stronghold Label: Dark Alleyway


  • 2000 Cartel Coins (in total)
  • 1500 Tech Fragments (in total)
  • Legacy Title: Bad Vibes
  • Dark Spores x19 (currency)
  • Medal of Commendation x5
  • Galactic Season Token x10
  • Imperial Lieutenant’s Armor set
  • Themed weapon set
  • Imperial Reaper Combatant Deco
  • Bronze Cartel Crates x 3
  • Silver Cartel Crates x 4
  • Gold Cartel Decoration Crate
  • Stronghold Label: Emperor’s Respite
  • Dark Marauder Soldier Deco
  • Imperial Lieutenant Officer
  • Emperor’s Chosen Armor set
  • 3V-1L (Astromech)
  • Loth-cat Kitten (pet)
  • Depository of Dark Wisdom Deco
  • Outer Rim Drifter Gunslinger Deco
  • Resilient Warden Gladiator Deco
  • Wasteland Tech Crackshot Deco
  • Tenacious Armasaur (creature mount)
  • Hardy Armasaur (creature mount)
  • Imperial Enforcer Tank (vehicle mount)
  • Imperial Assault Tank (vehicle mount)
  • Ultimate Cartel Pack (Galactic Seasons) x 5
  • Light Red and Deep Red Dye Module
  • Medium Red and Deep Red Dye Module
  • Dark Red and Deep Red Dye Module
  • White and White Dye Module

New Jaleit Nall rewards

Like previous seasons, Jaleit Nall’s inventory will rotate every week at 12:00 pm GMT. After one week, the group cycling out for 3 weeks and replaced by the following group.

To allow players to get the rewards they want, Jaleit Nall will always be available regardless of whether or not the season is active. Below is the list and schedule of when things will be available. Costs listed in Galactic Seasons Tokens.

Group A

Dates:September 6 — October 3 — October 31 —
November 28 — December 26
Dark Green and Deep Brown Dye2
Dark Purple and Deep Blue Dye2
Rugged Armasaur3
Snowblind Odux3
Insecticulture Research Lab3
Security and Monitoring System2
Iokath Crystal Power Converter3
Containment Chamber: Blue3
Life Support Terminal3
Encrypted Lockbox5
Nico Okarr’s Duster2
Lucky-77 Swoop3
Title: The Illustrious1
Nico’s Blaster2
Makrin Creeper Seedling1
Model Gravestone1
Tauntaun Ram1
Propaganda: Fight For the Meatbags Replica2
Nico Okarr Customization 13
Nico Okarr Customization 23
Nico Okarr Customization 33

Group B

Dates:September 12 — October 10 — November 7
— December 5 — January 2
Resplendent Odux3
Conflagrant Thurrb3
Dark Gray and Pale Yellow Dye3
Smuggled Art2
Disguise Terminal: Underworld Syndicate5
Syndicate Operations Table3
Iokath Large Console5
Pale Orange and Dark Orange Dye Module2
Gormak Electrical Turret3
2V-R8 Customization – Envoy4
C2-N2 Customization – Envoy4
Eternal Empire Patroller3
Galactic Alliance Statue Replica2
HK-55’s Blaster Pistol2
Kakkran Daggerstar3
Mandalorian-Marked Package5
Model Zakuul Battlecruiser1
Rapid Recon Walker3
Title: Test Pilot1
Title: The Intrepid1
Voracious Rodir3

Group C

Dates:September 19 — October 17 —
November 14 — December 12 — January 9
Light Yellow and Deep Yellow Dye2
Rugged Armasaur3
Vigorous Rodir4
Snowblind Odux3
Kubindi Terrarium3
Shadow Syndicate Enforcer3
G.A.M.E. Security Officer3
Iokath Holder Claw2
Pale Gray and Dark Brown Dye Module2
Pilgrim’s Popup Tent2
Title: Scourge of the Hutts1
2V-R8 Customization – HK-55 Inspired2
C2-N2 Customization – HK-55 Inspired2
Darth Hexid Customization 13
Darth Hexid Customization 23
Grand Statue of Revan Replica3
HK-55’s Helmet2
HK-55’s Sniper Rifle2
Illicit Package1
JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid1
Model Mach 21
Mini-Mogul NM-11
Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun3

Group D

Dates:September 26 — October 24 — November 21
— December 19 — January 16
Resplendent Odux3
Dark Gray and Underworld Purple Dye3
Kubindi Hive Farm3
Shadow Syndicate3
Black Sun-Graffitied Underworld Couch2
G.A.M.E. Authorized Pit Boss3
Iokath Power Generator2
Pale Brown and Dark Grey Dye Module3
Cold Moon Meditation Shrine2
2V-R8 Customization – Hoth3
C2-N2 Customization – Hoth3
Chiss Talon Interceptor3
Force-Imbued Object6
Heliotropic Subteroth1
HK-55’s Vibrosword2
JA-3 Speeder3
K1-W4 Astromech Droid1
Makeb Gazebo Replica3
Master Ranos Customization 11
Master Ranos Customization 23
Master Ranos Customization 34
RE-1 Scout Droid4
Title: The Risen1
Voracious Rodir3

Jaleit Nall – Always Available Items

GST = Galactic Seasons Token
“Dark Tidings” Unlock1 GST
“Small Victories” Unlock1 GST
“Chains or Freedom” Unlock1 GST
Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse Deed8 GST
Carrick Station Penthouse Deed8 GST
Mek-sha Safehouse Deed14 GST
Memories of Celebration450000 Credits
Tales of Hardship550000 Credits
Local Legends355000 Credits
Verified Gaming Analysis Reports450000 Credits
Credit Manipulation Disks550000 Credits
Counterfeit Chips355000 Credits
Memoirs of the Hive Wars355000 Credits
Detailed Writings of Insecticulture450000 Credits
Succulent Picolet Beetles250000 Credits
Detailed Intelligence Reports355000 Credits
Sliced Cybernetic Visual Enhancement Implants450000 Credits
Experimental Weaponry Schematics250000 Credits

Ki’at Thavo Rewards

These are available for Free-to-Play and Preferred players and have been updated with new rewards from Season 4.

Costs in Galactic Seasons Token
Imperial Lieutenant’s Armor Set5
Tenacious Armsasaur2
Unyielding Armasaur3
Imperial Assault Tank3
Brrazz’s Gift1
Light Red and Deep Red Dye Module2
Medium Red and Deep Red Dye Module2
Dark Red and Deep Red Dye Module2
Depository of Dark Wisdom Decoration2
3V-1L Decoration3
Emperor’s Chosen Officer Decoration2
Waste Receptacle Decoration2
Imperial Lieutenant Officer Decoration2
Dark Marauder Soldier Decoration4
Imperial Reaper Combatant Decoration4
Outer Rim Drifter Gunslinger Decoration4
Resilient Warden Gladiator Decoration4
Wasteland Tech Crackshot Decoration4
Imperial Training Statue Decoration2

Decos from top left to right – Dark Marauder Soldier, Imperial Lieutenant Officer, Wasteland Tech Crackshot, Imperial Reaper Combatant
Decos from bottom left to right – Depository of Dark Wisdom, Outer Rim Drifter Gunslinger, 3V-1L, Resilient Warden Gladiator

When the season ends, all rewards above will be available to all players until the beginning of the next season. This will allow Subscribers the opportunity to purchase the rewards they may be missing.

Season Objectives can be found here.