Saturday, May 18, 2024

Galactic Seasons 4

Galactic Seasons 4 has begun! Players will be able to progress through the reward tracks and earn some nice prizes. To progress, you need to complete Daily and Weekly Season Objectives. So let’s see what you will get.

New Companion

This season, you will team up with Amity, a Force-sensitive human, raised by Selonians. After a tumultuous career in the Republic Army, Amity moved forward, leaving his old life behind, when he discovered his connection to the Force. Now, he has started a journey to share his philosophy of peace and cooperation across the galaxy.

New Companion: Amity, Human

Players will progress through a new reputation track by gathering Notes of Reflection. These can be earned by completing Season Objectives, group content, and by defeating enemies around the galaxy.

Like previous seasons, you can increase your chance of receiving Notes of Reflection by turning in Jawa Junk to the Informative Jawa in the Cartel Bazaar on both Republic and Imperial fleets.

New Rewards

Rewards available to all players, regardless of their subscription status:

  • New Companion: Amity
  • Amity’s Moontear Customization
  • Aratech Advanced Weapons: Assault Cannon, Blaster, Blaster Rifle, Dualsaber, Lightsaber, Sniper Rifle
  • 3 Classic Cartel Decoration Crates – Bronze Quality
  • 2 Classic Cartel Armor Crates – Bronze Quality
  • 2 Classic Cartel Mount Crates – Bronze Quality
  • 2 Classic Cartel Weapon Crate – Bronze Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Armor Crate – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Mount Crates – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Weapon Crate – Silver Quality
  • 2 Classic Cartel Decoration Crates – Silver Quality
  • 2 Classic Cartel Decoration Crates – Gold Quality
  • Pilgrim’s Popup Tent Decoration
  • Cold moon Meditation Shrine Decoration
  • Legacy Title: Searching for Purpose
  • Stronghold Label: Garden of Stillness
  • 5 Galactic Season Tokens
  • 3500 Tech Fragments
  • 5 Medals of Commendation
  • 5 Legendary Embers
  • 5 Iokath Recombinators

Rewards available to Subscribers:

  • Amity Customization Set
  • Amity’s Darkside Customization
  • Pummeled Peace (Unique Amity Weapon Set)
  • Cold Moon Compendium (can be used to instantly raise Amity’s influence to Rank 50)
  • Moon Pilgrim’s Armor Set
  • Armored Messenger’s Armor Set
  • Complete Seasonal Weapon Set: Collateral Damage, Incarcerator, Interrogator, Judgement, Prosecutor & Verdict
  • Korrealis Retainer Vehicle Mount
  • Korrealis Alpenglow Vehicle Mount
  • Mudland Odux and Firebrand Odux Creature mounts
  • 2000 Cartel Coins (in total)
  • 10 Galactic Seasons Tokens
  • 10 Notes of Reflection
  • 10 Medals of Commendation
  • 6 Local Legends
  • 5 Ultimate Cartel Packs (Galactic Seasons)
  • 5 Memories of Celebration
  • 4 Tales of Hardship
  • Containment Chamber: Blue (Style 1) Decoration
  • Gormak Electrical Turret Decoration
  • Life Support Terminal Decoration
  • Stronghold Label: Pursuit of Peace
  • Legacy Title: Quiet Observer
  • Pale Orange and Dark Orange Dye Module
  • Pale Brown and Dark Grey Dye Module
  • Pale Gray and Dark Brown Dye Module
  • 1 Classic Cartel Decoration Crate – Gold Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Armor Crate – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Decoration Crate – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Mount Crate – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Weapon Crate – Silver Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Armor Crate – Bronze Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Decoration Crate – Bronze Quality
  • 1 Classic Cartel Weapon Crate – Bronze Quality

Vendor Available Rewards

Jaleit Nall will rotate with the rotation schedule listed below. One item will be added to Jaleit Nall’s inventory, a brand new apartment Stronghold, the Mek-Sha Safehouse Stronghold, which will be purchasable with 8 Galactic Season Tokens.

Jaleit Nall’s Rotation Schedule:

Jaleit Nall’s inventory will rotate every week at 12:00 pm GMT. After one week, the group is cycling out for 3 weeks and replaced by the following group. To allow players to get rewards, Jaleit Nall will always be available regardless of season or if the season is active. *All costs are in Galactic Seasons Tokens.

Group A:

Encrypted Lockbox5
HK-55’s Jetpack3
Lucky-77 Swoop3
Makrin Creeper Seedling1
Model Gravestone1
Nico’s Blaster2
Nico Okarr’s Duster2
Nico Okarr Customization 13
Nico Okarr Customization 23
Nico Okarr Customization 33
Propaganda: Fight For the Meatbags Replica2
Tauntaun Ram1
Title: The Illustrious1

Group B:

2V-R8 Customization – Envoy4
C2-N2 Customization – Envoy4
Eternal Empire Patroller3
Galactic Alliance Statue Replica2
HK-55’s Blaster Pistol2
Kakkran Daggerstar3
Mandalorian-Marked Package5
Model Zakuul Battlecruiser1
Rapid Recon Walker3
Title: Test Pilot1
Title: The Intrepid1
Voracious Rodir3

Group C:

2V-R8 Customization – HK-55 Inspired2
C2-N2 Customization – HK-55 Inspired2
Darth Hexid Customization 13
Darth Hexid Customization 23
Grand Statue of Revan Replica3
HK-55’s Helmet2
HK-55’s Sniper Rifle2
Illicit Package1
JA-3 Subversive Battle Droid1
Model Mach 21
Mini-Mogul NM-11
Title: Scourge of the Hutts1
Umbaran Patrol Tauntaun3

Group D:

2V-R8 Customization – Hoth3
C2-N2 Customization – Hoth3
Chiss Talon Interceptor3
Force-Imbued Object6
Heliotropic Subteroth1
HK-55’s Vibrosword2
JA-3 Speeder3
K1-W4 Astromech Droid1
Makeb Gazebo Replica3
Master Ranos Customization 11
Master Ranos Customization 23
Master Ranos Customization 34
RE-1 Scout Droid4
Title: The Risen1
Voracious Rodir3

Always Available:

Carrick Station Penthouse Deed8 Galactic Season Tokens
Vaiken Spacedock Penthouse Deed8 Galactic Season Tokens
Mek-Sha Safehouse Deed8 Galactic Season Tokens
Credit Manipulation Disks (PH4-LNX gift)550,000 credits
Verified Gaming Analysis Reports (PH4-LNX gift)450,000 credits
Counterfeit Chips (PH4-LNX gift)355,000 credits
Sliced Cybernetic Visual Enhancement Implants (Fen Zeil gift)450,000 credits
Detailed Intelligence Reports (Fen Zeil gift)355,000 credits
Experimental Weaponry Schematics (Fen Zeil gift)250,000 credits
Detailed Writings of Insecticulture (Altuur zok Adon gift)450,000 credits
Memoirs of the Hive Wars (Altuur zok Adon gift)355,000 credits
Succulent Picolet Beetles (Altuur zok Adon gift)250,000 credits
Memories of Celebration (Amity gift)450,000 credits
Tales of Hardship (Amity gift)550,000 credits
Local Legends (Amity gift)355,000 credits

Ki’at Thavo Vendor

Ki’at Thavo’s inventory has been updated with new rewards for Galactic Seasons 4.

Free & Preferred Player Available Items (cost between 2-5 Galactic Season Tokens each):

  • Moon Pilgrim Armor Set
  • Respendent Odux
  • Snowblind Odux
  • Tales of Hardship
  • Amity’s Moontear Customization
  • Amity’s Darkside Customization
  • Amity’s Shining Moontear Customization
  • Amity’s Shining Darkside Customization
  • Containment Chamber: Blue (Style 1)
  • Gormak Electrical Turret
  • Pilgrim’s Popup Tent
  • Cold Moon Meditation Shrine
  • Life Support Terminal
  • Korrealis Alpenglow

When the season ends, all the rewards listed above will be available for all players until the beginning of the next season, giving Subscribers the opportunity to purchase the rewards they are missing.