Legacy of the Sith – Gear Stats

After doing a lot of research, here are the stats! Every piece of gear that has come out with the Legacy of the Sith that I have found. Tell me if I missed any!
*Created May 1, 2022

What Gear Do I Need?

So, some of us out there don’t know exactly what gear we need, and the changing of combat styles can make it a little confusing. So let me clear it up a little for you.

You can search for your gear in two ways, by your class combat style or by your gearing path.

Class Combat Style will take you directly to your specific class recommended gear listed by each gear path on that page. These are based on the gear recommendations of the game itself, the gear you will get in drops for your class specifically.

Gearing Path is how you will get your gear, whether by conquest, flashpoints, PVP, or operations. This search will send you to a page with just the gear for that gear path separated into gear sets. This allows you to look at the stats for each set and plan for mix and matching to better pinpoint the stats you want.

Choose Your Search:

Combat Style – Imperial
Combat Style – Republic
Gear Path

Combat Style – Imperial

Combat Style – Republic

Gear Path


Noble Decurion




Elite Decurion
Supreme Decurion


Hazardous (R-4 Story & Vet)
Virulent (R-4 Vet)