All heroics for both factions.

Nar Shaddaa
Ord Mantell
Dromund Kaas
Nar Shaddaa
Alderaan (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Proof of Treason28– Locate the Crashed Probe Droid
– Defeat the Thul Recovery Team
– Recover the Probe Droid Manufacturing Chip
Special Delivery29– Signal the Organa Field Operative
– Protect the Organa Field Operative
Into the Killik Warrens40– Recover the Data Spikes 0/8
Survivors40– Free Organa Captives 0/4
Turning the Tide40– Defeat Killik Seige Forces 0/35
– Collapse Killik Burrows 0/4
Alderaan (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
The Lanar Question25– Defeat Lanar Forces 0/25
– Defeat Local Smugglers 0/15
Shock Doctrine25– Travel to the Elysium Recon Camp
– Plant Evidence on Organa and Jedi Corpses
Droid Repossession *37– Infiltrate the Ulgo Factory
– Slice the Factory Access Terminal
– Slice the Factory Production Controls
– Slice the Factory Security Mainframe
– Defeat the Ulgo Forces
Sabotage *37– Set Explosives on Generator 1
– Set Explosives on Generator 2
– Set Explosives on Generator 3
– Set Explosives on Generator 4
– Defeat and Search the Ulgo General
Reinforcements *37– Defeat the Jedi Master
– Defeat Advozsec Mercenaries
Spring Thaw *+37– Investigate the Crash Site
– Find the Thul Report

Balmorra (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Shifting Priorities32– Recover the Probe Droid Intel 0/8
Target of Opportunity33– Access the Imperial Personnel Database
– Intercept Lord Dakron
– Destroy the Hangar Control Panel
– Defeat Lord Dakron and His Escort
The Mandalorian Terror34– Rescue the Enslaved Villagers
– Defeat Monta Drai
Industrial Sabotage35– Plant Overload Modules 0/3
Hit ‘Em Where They Live35– Defeat Imperial Snipers 0/8
Justice for the Lost35– Obtain Database Access Codes
– Access the Imperial Informant Database
Acquired Taste36– Activate the Resistance Bunker Generator
– Activate the North Security Station
– Activate the South Security Station
Colicoid Massacre36– Investigate the Research Grounds
– Recover Colicoid Cybernetic Implants 0/15
– Defeat Colicoids 0/15
Local Predators36– Kill the Colicoid Queen
Balmorra (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Settling Debts15– Recover the Power Regulators
– Destroy the Defensive Enplacements 0/4
– Destroy the Main Generator
Firestar18– Retrieve the Satellite Access Codes
– Scan for Generator Alpha’s Coordinates
– Scan for Generator Beta’s Coordinates
– Scan for Generator Gamma’s Coordinates
– Access the Control Tower
Resistance Sympathizers18– Defeat Resistance Sympathizers 0/35
– Defeat General Tao
The Republic’s Last Gasp20– Defeat Jedi Noth Armin
– Defeat Sergeant Tove Weylan
– Defeat Korin Norrus
Toxic Bombs20– Destroy Toxic Bombs 0/4
A Question of Motivation21– Recover the First Schematic Fragment
– Recover the Second Schematic Fragment
– Recover the Third Schematic Fragment
Project Hexapod21– Install a Data Spike in the Gas Chromatograph
– Install a Data Spike in the Genetic Compiler
– Install a Data Spike in the Regulatory System
– Install a Data Spike in the DNA Sequencer
– Access the Mainframe Computer
– Search the Lab for the Intruder
– Speak to Cessik
Comrades in Arms21– Speak to B-6NX
– Locate a Droid Motivator -or- Loot a Dataspike
– Return to B-6NX

Belsavis (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Open Communications33– Retrieve the Passkey
A Lesson is Learned38– Free Captured Scientists 0/10
– Destroy the Gand’s Weaponry
Jungle Flight38– Locate Agent Mynock
– Search Agent Mynock’s Body
The Engineers’ Tale38– Rescue Republic Engineers 0/5
– Recover the Primary Generator’s Capacitor
– Recover the Secondary Generator’s Capacitor
– Recover the Tertiary Generator’s Capacitor
The Stasis Generator38– Find the Stasis Generator
– Disable the Shield Generators 0/4
– Destroy the Stasis Generator
The Tyrant38– Defeat the Tyrant
– Disarm the Tyrant’s First Explosives
– Disarm the Tyrant’s Second Explosives
Belsavis (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Republic Secrets38– Break into the Republic Compound
– Retrieve Republic Access Codes
– Retrieve the Republic Data
A Rock and a Hard Place38– Recover the Experimental Data
Breakthrough38– Retrieve the First Rakata Stasis Module
– Retrieve the Second Rakata Stasis Module
– Retrieve the Third Rakata Stasis Module
Freeing the Fallen47– Defeat Jedi Master Averon
– Deactivate the Prison Cells
Lights Out *47– Destroy the Primary Surveillance Generator
– Destroy the Secondary Surveillance Generator
– Destroy the Tertiary Surveillance Generator
– Defeat Field Commander Anhur
Old Enemies47– Defeat Lord Raxxus

Corellia (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Concierge44– Rescue the Hostages 0/10
Starfighters of Corellia44– Sabotage Hangar Supports 0/6
Biological Warfare44– Retrieve the Smokescreen Toxin
Under New Management44– Slice Power Station 1
– Slice Power Station 2
– Slice Power Station 3
– Slice the Door Control Panel
– Destroy the Fuel Depot
Corellia (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
CorSec Crackdown47– Recover a Probe Droid’s Comm Array
– Find a Secluded Location
– Activate the Comm Array
– Defeat CorSec Insurgents
Explosive Assault47– Defeat CorSec Forces 0/16
– Destroy CorSec Speeders 0/4
Wookiee Revolt48– Defeat Wookiee Battlemasters 0/6
Prison Busting50– Reprogram Cell Block A Security
– Reprogram Cell Block B Security
– Reprogram Cell Block C Security
– Defeat Colonel Wolroff

Coruscant (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Republic’s Most Wanted10– Defeat Chopper
– Defeat Longeye
– Defeat Burnout
– Defeat Basher
– Defeat Gutshot
The Face Merchants11– Obtain a Clinic Passkey
– Access the Black Sun Clinic
– Destroy Illegal Surgery Droids 0/4
– Download the Clinic’s Client List
Enemies of the Republic15– Retrieve the Astrogation Charts
– Recover the Astrogation Charts from the Sith Infiltrator
Trouble in Deed15– Go to Luran Gonthor’s Shop
– Activate the Elevator
– Recover the Deed from the Vault
– Leave the Shop

Dromund Kaas (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Personal Challenge11– Draw Out and Defeat Kregg
– Defeat Kregg’s Mandalorians 0/8
Saving Face12– Recover the Explosives
– Plant the Explosives on a Drill
– Defeat Rebel Slaves
Shadow Spawn15– Retrieve the Rune of Victory
– Retrieve the Rune of Power
– Retrieve the Rune of Strength
– Retrieve the Rune of Passion
– Retrieve the Rune of Freedom
– Meditate on the Sith Runes in Order
– Place the Runes on the Altar
– Defeat the Dark Sithspawn
Friends of Old15– Recover Thermal Detonators 0/3
– Destroy Landing Shuttle One
– Destroy Landing Shuttle Two
– Destroy Landing Shuttle Three
– Defeat Begeren Apprentices and Acolytes
– Defeat Lord Tytonus
Possessed Hunter15– Defeat Valen Korik in the Dark Temple

Hoth (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Better Droids34– Salvage Irrreplaceable Parts 0/6
– Recover the Plans 0/8
– Salvage Datacores 0/10
Signal Jam34– Destroy the Comm Systems 0/6
Tech Diagrams34– Recover a Diagnostic Pad
– Calibrate the Diagnostic Pad
– Use the Arc Emitter Control Panel
Frostclaw34– Defeat Frostclaw
Gamorrean Menace34– Retrieve Combat Stims 0/15
Humanitarian Aid34– Release the Ortolan Slaves
Invisible Foes34– Recover Stealth Field Generators 0/12
Prisoner Extraction34– Rescue the Prisoners 0/6
The Terror Brigade34– Clear the First Trial: Blood Stalker
– Clear the Second Trial: “Mad Akk” Gaden
– Clear the Final Trial: Ujooku
Hoth (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Joint Training34– Defeat Republic and Talz Forces 0/10
– Defeat Talz Drill Instructors 0/4
– Defeat Republic Snow Commando
– Defeat Talz War Veteran
– Defeat Talz Taskmaster
Deconstruction Efforts34– Defeat Aegis Company Forces 0/20
– Destroy the Communications Array 0/4
The Big Find34– Defeat and Loot the Jedi
The Brig Stompers35– Defeat Brig Stomper Pirates 0/20
– Destroy Brig Stomper Supplies 0/7
Sensitive Material34– Bring Back Top Secret Imperial Data Files 0/8
– Defeat Xesh Squad 0/20
Static34– Find the Prisoners
– Use the Security Console
– Free the Prisoners
Pirated Lockbox34– Recover the Shuttle Pilot’s Pass Key
– Recover the Shuttle Captain’s Pass Key
– Recover the Shuttle Officer’s Pass Key
– Create a Code Cylinder
– Open the Republic Lock Box
Taking the Heat34– Defeat the Republic Arctic Saboteurs 0/3
– Destroy the Industrial Lasers 0/3
A Traitor’s Punishment34– Defeat Apprentice Avanji
– Defeat Apprentice Terik
– Defeat Apprentice Myshurr
– Defeat Lord Ranor
– Plant the Republic Weaponry

Hutta (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Factory Recall1– Sabotage the Security Junction Boxes 0/4
– Destroy Fa’athra’s Security Droids 0/2
– Defeat Industrial Engineers 0/4
– Destroy Fabrication Units 0/3
Hostage Situation1– Find the Factory Security Terminal
– Get to the Basement
– Defeat the Evocii Mastermind
– Release the Hostages
– Talk to Foreman Rhamm
Hostage Situation Cleanup1– Find the Rooftop Access
– Defeat Baranji and His Turrets
– Plant the Detonite on the Ship
– Get to a Safe Distance
The Man with the Steel Voice1– Investigate the Filter Station
– Speak to Bow-La
– Apply Chemicals to the Filter Station
– Destroy the Southeast Filter Control Valve
– Destroy the West Filter Control Valve
– Destroy the Northwest Filter Control Valve
– Destroy the Northeast Filter Control Valve

Ilum (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Darkness on Ilum50– Smoke Out and Defeat Lord Prejad
– Smoke Out and Defeat Lord Shados
– Smoke Out and Defeat Lord Wenom

Ilum (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Poisonous Strategy50– Sabotage the Climate Controls and Defeat the Jedi 0/2

Korriban (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
The Hate Machine1– Activate the Red Engine
– Slay the K’lor’slugs
– Retrieve the Tablet
Armed and Dangerous1– Defeat and Search Lord Sundar

Makeb (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Counterstrike51– Broadcast False Orders
– Wait for and Defeat the Fallen
– Wait for and Defeat DX Annihilator Assassins
– Wait for and Defeat Mandalorians
Deception Play51– Gather Missile Battery Debris 0/8
– Gather Regulator Weapons Droid Debris 0/4
– Rebuild Distress Beacon and Defeat Regulator Commander
For the Record51– Enter the Cultural Archives
– Recover Mining Records
– Disarm the Gas Trap 0/4
– Recover Mining Records
– Open the Banking Records Vault
– Disarm the Banking Records Vault Security
– Recover Banking Records 0/1
– Open the Starship Records Room
– Disarm the Records Room Security
– Recover Starship Blueprints
Savage Skies51– Navigate the Crumbling Plateau
– Obtain Explosives
– Destroy the Defense Turrets
– Obtain Explosives
– Free the Imprisoned Resistance FIghters 0/5
– Sabotage the Southern Anti-Aircraft Gun 0/4
– Get Clear of the Explosion
– Sabotage the Western Anti-Aircraft Gun 0/4
– Defeat the Regulator Superdroid
– Sabotage the Western Anti-Aircraft Gun 0/4
– Get Clear of the Explosion
The Viper’s Nest51– Destroy Munitions Dump
– Secure Prisoner Manifests
– Sabotage Landing Pad
Makeb (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
False History51– Enter the Cultural Archives
– Slice the Mining Records Terminal
– Disarm the Gas Trap 0/4
– Slice the Mining Records Terminal
– Open the Banking Records Vault
– Disarm the Banking Records Vault Security
– Slice the Banking Records Terminal
– Open the Starship Records Room
– Disarm the Records Room Security
– Slice the Starship Records Terminal
Sharing the Blame51– Obtain the Flight Data Recorder
– Obtain a Data Spike
– Slice the Mercenary Terminal
The Observer51– Obtain Regulator Shuttle Access Codes
– Travel to the Third Eye
– Defeat the Guardian Droid
– Locate the Bridge
– Open the Bridge Security Door
– Defeat Thrid Eye Captain
– Upload Virus to Autopilot
The Specialists51– Sabotage the Repair Droid Control Tower
– Disable Docking Ring Communications
– Sabotage the Short Range Fighter
– Sabotage the Lift Controls and Defeat Tarklan
– Travel to the Docking Ring
– Defeat the Ratcatcher
Weapons Test51– Obtain Launch Codes
– Obtain a Prototype Isotope-5 Rocket
– Launch the Prototype Isotope-5 Rocket

Mek-Sha (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Breaking the Yoke51– Find the Witness
– Defeat the Slave Trader
– Speak to the Slave Trader
– Locate the Shipment Site
– Defeat Shipment Guards
– Obtain Shipping Records from the Dire Skull Warmaker
– Find Clue in Brzo’s Wells
– Find Clue in Slugfall Cantina
– Find Clue in Gangland
– Find the Brothers Ringleader
– Destroy Slaver Intelligence Network
Brotherhood Emancipation51– Obtain the Slave Pen Key Card
– Free Slaves 0/3
– Defeat Brother Overseer
– Defeat the Imperial Buyer
Mek-Sha (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
A Matter of Respect51– Gather First Stashed Shipment Data
– Gather Second Stashed Shipment Data
– Defeat the Jedi Investigators
– Choose to Falsify the Data (light)
– Choose to Deliver Data (dark)
Depending on choice:
– Destroy First Data Stash
– Destroy Second Data Stash
– Go To Meetup Site
-Speak to the Dire Skull Battlelord
– Defeat the Dire Skull Battlelord
Junking Jott’s Crew51– Defeat Technician Sandou
– Sabotage Atmosphere Control Unit
– Defeat Sanitation Technician Frantz
– Sabotage the Main Line Water Pipe
– Defeat Electrician Du’un
– Sabotage the Generator

Nar Shaddaa (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
The Morgukai26– Defeat the Morgukai Chieftain
– Defeat Morgukai Cult Members 0/25
– Destroy Morgukai Assests 0/15
Lab Animals26– Kill Infected Lab Animals 0/10
– Defeat Infected Xenobi Forces 0/10
– Activate the Decontamination System
Shadow Extraction26– Access the Prison Databank
– Open Phalanx’s Cell
Blood Money21– Defeat Vault Pit Fighters and Infamous Fighters 0/10
– Defeat the Pit Fighting Champion
– Plant the Explosives in the Vault
Nar Shaddaa Blood Sport21– Destroy Holorecording Equipment 0/6
– Destroy Holocameras 0/6
– Rescue Groups of Impoverished Refugees 0/3
– Destroy the Broadcast Terminal and Defeat the Shot Caller
Mandalorian Rage22– Defeat the Mandalorians 0/30
– Burn Clan Sharratt Banners 0/8
– Destroy Chieftain’s Trophies and Loot Clan Mask
Breaking Down Shadow Town23– Disable Security Terminals 0/4
– Open the Security Door
– Download the Cranial Bomb Schematics
– Destroy Imperial Research Computers 0/8
Hired Guns26– Loot Access Key from Mercenary Veteran
– Download Imperial Orders
– Destroy Imperial Training Plans
– Defeat the Mercenary Elite Instructor
Nar Shaddaa (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Terminal Injuries21– Repair Security Droid Console 1
– Repair Security Droid Console 2
– Repair Security Droid Console 3
– Repair Security Droid Console 4
– Breach Vomba’s Security Door
– Defeat Vomba and His Men
Crushing the Jedi Freedom Fighters21– Defeat Jedi Rebel Leaders 0/5
– Destroy the Rebel Supplies 0/8
– Shut Down the Communications Terminal
A Pound of Flesh22– Defeat Ganelon Exchange Members 0/30
– Destroy the Organ Shipments 0/8
Hunger of the Vrbithers23– Loot Power Junction Parts from Vrbithers 0/3
– Loot Fasteners and Housing from the Supply Crates 0/2
– Create the Power Junction Tool
– Repair Critical Power Junctions 0/4
– Destroy the Access Breach and Defeat the Guardian
Recruitment26– Defeat Jedi Trainers 0/6
– Defeat Force-Sensitive ALiens 0/12
– Open the Security Door
– Defeat the Jedi Master
– Open the Security Door
– Defeat Remaining Trainees
Glitch26– Download Battle Droid Weapon Schematics
– Download Battle Droid AI Protocols
– Download Battle Droid Armor Specifications
– Slice the Demonstration Terminal
Botched Interrogation26– Defeat Sav Darnell
– Defeat the Republic Prisoners 0/20
– Speak to Sav Darnell
Building a Better Beast26– Defeat Shaclaw Breeders 0/6
– Kill the Weaponized Shaclaw Patriarch
– Kill the Weaponized Shaclaw Matriarch

Ord Mantell (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Cutting Off the Head5– Kill Savrip Chieftains 0/5
Buying Loyalty7– Locate the Shipment and its Droid Escort
Destroy the Beacons7– Destroy the Southeast Beacon
– Destroy the Northeast Beacon
– Destroy the Northwest Beacon
– Destroy the Southwest Beacon

Oricon (Both)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Clipping Wings (Imperial)55– Defeat Dread Host Commanders 0/3
– Sabotage Dread Host Transports 0/6
– Return to Lord Hargrev
Preemptive Strike55– Defeat Dread Host Commanders 0/2
– Sabotage Dread Host Transports 0/4
The Darkening Stars (Republic)55– Defeat Dread Host Commanders 0/3
– Sabotage Dread Host Transports 0/6
– Return to Sergeant Trila

Ossus (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Expel the Darkness 70– Defeat Sith Lords
– Retrieve the Ancient Force Relic
– Confront Darth Kinsho
– Defeat Darth Kinsho
Into the Hive70– Investigate Geonosian Hive
– Defeat Geonosian Swarm Lord 0/1
– Set Explosives
Ossus (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Consume the Light70– Defeat Jedi Masters in the Library 0/3
– Retrieve the Ancient Force Relic
– Confront Master Sashana
– Defeat the Jedi Masters
Information Appropriation70– Reach the Security Outpost
– Steal Intel
– Defeat R8-X6

Taris (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Fall of the Locust16– Sabotage the Locust’s Ship
– Rescue Amille Razna
– Defeat Kaogar
– Disable the Prison Cell Forcefields
– Speak to Amille Razna
– Defeat the Guards
– Defeat the Locust
– Speak to the Locust
Total Elimination18– Destroy the First Power Coupling
– Destroy the Second Power Coupling
– Destroy the Third Power Coupling
– Destroy the Backup Generator
– Retrieve Republic Datalogs
– Defeat the Republic Control Droid
Fallen Stars17– Investigate the Crash Site
– Secure Warheads
– Secure Moved Warheads
– Examine the Warhead
– Defeat the Mandalorian Leader
– Secure Missing Warheads
Knight Fall19– Find the Lost Jedi Holojournals 0/4
– Search the Infested Excavation Site
– Defeat Mutated Nekghoul
Mutations19– Defeat Irradiated Rakghouls 0/5
– Deactivate the Reactor
Rakghoul Release19– Reactivate Security Station A100
– Reactivate Security Station B200
– Reactivate Security Station C300
-Speak to Doctor Zalaren
Taris (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Spilling Chemicals33– Open Barrels of 3-5-7 TCH 0/10
– Sabotage Chemical Circulation Pumps 0/2
Highway to Destruction36– Obtain Explosives
– Plant Bombs on Excavation Equipment 0/4
– Setup Support Column Explosives 0/3
– Use the Remote Detonator
– Defeat TarenVor
Last of the Tarisian Pirates36– Defeat Tarisian Pirates 0/15
– Defeat Mad Raggo Tolin
The Fathers of Taris34– Go to the Tarisian Archives
– Defeat Ember Squad Commandos 0/10
– Defeat QM-35
– Plant Explosives 0/6
– Use Remote Detonator
Enclave Raid34– Defeat Jedi Recovery Overseers 0/10
– Recover Tarisian Artifacts 0/5
– Sabotage the Republic Speeder
– Destroy the Ancient Enclave Colossus
Blackout35– Overload the Central Transformer
– Overload the Coolant Pump Generator
– Overload the Central Generation Plant

Tatooine (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Down the Hole25– Defeat War-Master Rhigoth
– Defeat Mandalorian Forces 0/12
Search and Rescue25– Rescue Prisoners 0/4
Reap the Whirlwind26– Go to Mining Compound
– Go to the Baroban Warehouse
– Defeat Twin Suns Pirates 0/10
Retrieve the Crate of Ore
– Destroy ST-97 “Steel” and Minions
The Long Goodbye27– Locate the Sarlacc Pit
– Defeat Gamorreans 0/20
– Use the Poison Grenade
Breaking the Code28– Obtain the Signal Device Codes
Pirate Bullies28– Defeat Braigin Helk
A Jawa’s Concern28– FInd the Padawan
– Recover Bleb-Blek’s Map
– Defeat Chieftain Bloodguage
Tatooine (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Supply Lines25– Destroy Exchange Caravan Ammunition Stockpile
– Wreck Caravan Speeder 0/4
– Destroy Exchange Caravan Supplies 0/5
– Defeat Exchange Forces 0/8
Jawa Trade25– Loot Power Cores 0/3
Black Box26– Recover the Imperial Black Box Recorder
– Defeat the Ambush
Prison Labor27– Defeat the Escaped Prisoners 0/5
Blood and Sand28– Dispatch the Sand People Forces 0/30
Call Down the Thunder28– Destroy Anti-aircraft Targeting Consoles 0/4
– Destroy the Signal Jammer
– Talk to the Imperial Shocktrooper
– Defeat Kiregan Freem
– Defeat Kiregan Freem’s Thugs
War on Spice28– Destroy Spice Crates 0/8

Tython (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
The Chamber of Speech7– Recover Power Cells 0/4
– Activate the Ancient Computer

Voss (Republic)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Trial of the First44– Enter the Trial of the First
– Light the Pyre to Start the Trial
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Start the Next Round
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Start the Next Round
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Call Out Nakar-Sel
– Defeat First Commando Nakar-Sel
Savage Connections45– Locate the Gormak Bunker
– Defeat Gormak Slayers 0/8
– Defeat Cyber Mawvorr 0/8
Cyber Mercenaries47– Locate the Abandoned Bunker
– Destroy Kolto Tanks 0/6
– Destroy Medical equipment 0/7
– Find the Cyber Leader
– Shut Down the Force Field
– Defeat the Cyber Leader
Not Afraid Enough46– Defeat Thalak Tribesmen 0/10
– Defeat Thalak Mawvorr 0/10
– Defeat Thalak Vorantikus
– Destroy the First Thalak Machine
– Destroy the Second Thalak Machine
– Destroy the Third Thalak Machine
– Call Out and Defeat the Chief Tribesman
Voss (Imperial)
Heroic MissionLevel Objective
Ancient Guardians44– Locate the Tomb
– Defeat Tomb Guardians 0/15
– Disable the First Force Field Controls
– Disable the Second Force Field Controls
– Destroy the Guardian of Dark History
Cleanse the Corrupted46– Locate the Vile Grotto
– Defeat Vara-Sol
– Destroy Corruption Shrine
– Defeat Akana-Tok
– Defeat Norus-Wel
– Defeat Chalak-Ka
– Destroy Corruption Shrine
– Defeat Suvar-Ton
Rock-Eaters47– Investigate the Tomb
– Defeat Gormak Guardians 0/8
– Disable the Force Field
– Defeat the Rock-eater
The First Commando’s Call45– Enter the Trial of the First
– Light the Pyre to Start the Trial
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Start the Next Round
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Start the Next Round
– Defeat the Voss Commandos
– Light the Pyre to Call Out Nakar-Sel
– Defeat First Commando Nakar-Sel