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Legacy of the Sith: End Game Gear Explained

If you are like me, the whole change to the system we got with the release of Legacy of the Sith kind of threw you a little. So, I am going to try to explain what I can to help everyone understand things a bit better. Let’s see how well I understand all this, too. 🙂

Differences From 6.0: A Quick Look

Some of the things that changed that made a difference.


  • Set Bonuses – All armor set bonuses have been, in essence, turned off and moved to your two implants instead. So you no longer need to get a full set of gear to get the bonus, just your two implants. Kind of a good trade out, really.


  • Augments – All still good and really should be used to help get closer to the exact stats you are looking for.
  • Binding to Legacy – All gear is Bound to Legacy.
  • Crafting – Nothing new yet.
  • Deconstructing Gear – Sometimes will give a small amount of currency along with the usual materials. I would use only if you need a few to get your next piece as it is not a guarantee.
  • Tacticals – All here and as far as I can tell, nothing new.
  • Tech Fragments – Staying and you will need a bunch for your upgrades of implants.
  • Moddable Gear – Released with the R-4 Operation. Zeek & Hyde missions.


  • Amplifiers – Not really a bad thing, they did help a little, but they cost a fortune to “hopefully” get the amplifier we wanted when we rolled. Not gonna miss them.
  • Renown – Both welcomed and hated by players. Achievements are no longer available for renown, making some upset.

Ok, Now What?

Ok, so you have gotten to level 80. Now what? The grind. There is really no way to say it any better. The goal is to get the best possible gear for your personal needs, not always the top gear, and not always what everyone else does. It can vary drastically depending on your own play style and abilities.

First things first, in order to even participate in end game anything, you must be a subscriber. Free and preferred status players cannot access certain aspects of the game nor go higher than level 60. What does that mean? It means, Operations, Uprisings and Master Flashpoints, as well as expansions past Shadow of Revan are not available (preferred get through where they were when they subbed for expansions). For more on the limitations of free and preferred, visit here.

Ok, let’s get into this.

The Basic Stuff

Where Do You Get Gear?

Basically, you can get gear anywhere depending on what you like to do. Every path has different gear for it. Below is a chart of what you get where: (mobile scroll side to side)

(Warzones & GSF)
(Veteran & Master)
(All Levels)
(R4 Only)
Noble Decurion
324-336 Green
Elite Decurion
324-336 Green
Tionese (SM)
324-336 Green
(SM & HM)
328-340 Blue
Supreme Decurion
324-336 Blue
Columi (HM)
324-336 Blue
Virulent (HM)
340 Purple
Rakata (NiM)
324-336 Purple

Conquest and PvP gearing paths are both quite linear, which means you buy the gear and upgrades from a vendor and you get a few from your Weekly Requisition Caches.

Operations and Flashpoints have more of the RNG with vendors to upgrade your gear, and you get drops while in the Operations and Flashpoints giving you some pieces, too. Hazardous and Virulent are only available in the higher tiers of operations.

As of the 7.2 update, you can now also purchase the gear you need for all the paths if you have the correct currency. More information on that to come. For full stats on each piece, visit our Gearing pages for Damage, Healer & Tank.

What Gear Levels Are There?

Tricky question. Easiest way to tell you…

Conquest Gear
Noble DecurionGreen324-336
Flashpoint Gear (Veteran & Master)
Elite DecurionVeteran (VM)Green324-336
Supreme DecurionMaster (MM)Blue324-336
PvP Gear (Warzones, Arenas & Galactic Starfighter)
Operations Gear
TioneseStory (SM)Green324-336
ColumiVeteran (HM)Blue324-336
RakataMaster (NiM)Purple324-336
Hazardous(SM) R-4 Anomaly OperationBlue328-330
Hazardous(HM) R-4 Anomaly OperationBlue332-340
Virulent(HM) R-4 Anomaly OperationPurple340

What About Stats?

Ok, this is where a lot of people get mixed up. What does each stat do? Do I really need Accuracy? Well, let me explain a little of what each stat does.

Primary Stats

Mastery  basically increases the effectiveness of your attacks and heals and boosts your critical chance. Mastery is found on most gear, including your mods, implants, all new gear for 7.0, augments and even some relics.

Endurance gives you more health and determines the amount of damage you can get during combat, without heals, before you die. Tanks a lot of times will chose Endurance over Defense chance. The other specs, DPS and healing, usually will get enough from their purple gear. Endurance is also found on most pieces of gear, including mods, implants, all new gear for 7.0 and relics.

Secondary Stats

Power is most necessary for healing and DPS classes. Power increases the effectiveness of your damage and heals. The increase is slightly higher than from Mastery, without the critical. Tanks usually have to sacrifice shield or absorb to get the Power stat, which is why tanks deal a lot less damage than their DPS counterparts.

Defense Rating
Defense Rating increases your defense chance, giving you increased chance to avoid melee and ranged attacks. Tanks are usually the only ones to have this stat and don’t normally need to add more than what their gear offers.

Tertiary Stats

Accuracy increases the chance that an attack will hit the enemy. Any percentage over 100 also reduces the target’s chance to dodge, which is needed against enemies that have a chance to defend an attack, like bosses, strong, elite and champion level enemies. Tanks get 110% accuracy. DPS need to take this stat, since none of your other stats matter if your attack misses its intended target.

Alacrity increases the speed you can execute your rotation and how quickly they come off cooldown. Alacrity affects activation time, global cooldown duration, resource regeneration rate, DoT duration and some cooldown durations. You do need to reach a threshold to get maximum benefit from this stat and that will be explained further down.

Critical determines the chance you have to deal a critical hit and the amount that attack deals. Critical Chance gauges the chance your attack or heal will hit and critical multiplier is the amount of extra damage or healing your attack will deal when it does critically hit.

Shield increases the chance a shield generator will reduce the damage of an incoming attack. This is affected by what kind of damage and also uses the absorb stat for the amount of damage reduced.

Absorb is just what it says, the amount of damage received that is absorbed by a shielded attack that triggers your personal shield generator. Absorb will not do anything if your shield generator doesn’t trigger, so prioritize Shield Rating first.

Next Step…What Will I Get?

With the release of the 7.0 gear, they put specific stats on each piece for each of their sets. Here is a run down of what each set has where. Full stats for each piece can be found on our Gearing pages for Healer, Damage and Tank. (mobile scroll side to side)


Ok, but which sets are designed for who? Here is that list, too. (Sorry, so many lists and tables)

Boltblaster’s Gear
  • Powertech – Pyrotech
  • Powertech – Advanced Prototype
  • Mercenary – Arsenal
  • Mercenary – Innovative Ordinance
  • Vanguard – Plasmatech
  • Vanguard – Tactics
  • Commando – Gunnery
  • Commando – Assault Specialist
Bulwark’s Gear
  • Juggernaut – Immortal
  • Guardian – Defense
Demolisher’s Gear
  • Powertech – Shield Tech
  • Vanguard – Shield Specialist
Duelist’s Gear
  • Assassin – Darkness
  • Shadow – Kinetic Combat
Force-Healer’s Gear
  • Sorcerer – Corruption
  • Sage – Seer
Force-Lord’s Gear
  • Assassin – Deception
  • Assassin – Hatred
  • Sorcerer – Lightning
  • Sorcerer – Madness
  • Shadow – Infiltration
  • Shadow – Serenity
  • Sage – Telekinetics
  • Sage – Balance
Med-Tech’s Gear
  • Mercenary – Bodyguard
  • Commando – Combat Medic
Mender’s Gear
  • Operative – Medicine
  • Scoundrel – Sawbones
Pummeler’s Gear
  • Juggernaut – Vengeance
  • Juggernaut – Rage
  • Marauder – Annihilation
  • Marauder – Carnage
  • Marauder – Fury
  • Guardian – Vigilance
  • Guardian – Focus
  • Sentinel – Watchman
  • Sentinel – Combat
  • Sentinel – Concentration
Targeter’s Gear
  • Sniper – Marksman
  • Sniper – Engineering
  • Sniper – Virulence
  • Operative – Concealment
  • Operative – Lethality
  • Gunslinger – Sharpshooter
  • Gunslinger – Saboteur
  • Gunslinger – Dirty Fighting
  • Scoundrel – Scrapper
  • Scoundrel – Ruffian


With 7.0 came some changes to the Alacrity thresholds. Here is the information that I have gotten so far.

Some disciplines have alacrity bonuses, so they will not need as much added Alacrity. A majority of players should target the 1.4s GCD because the 1.3s GCD could take up too much of the stats, not allowing other needed ones. If your class has alacrity buffs, you want to try and hit the 1.3s GCD. (mobile scroll side to side)

Discipline AlacrityZeal Perk Active
(+5 from guild perk)
No Zeal Perk
+ 0%560320920545431
+ 3%
Sentinel – Combat
Marauder – Carnage
Commando – Gunnery
Mercenary – Arsenal
+ 5%
Sage – Telekinetic
Sorcerer – Lightning

Basic Builds

All of us have our special ways of pinpointing our perfect builds, but some of us need a little help just making sure we have the essentials for what we want to do in game. Below is the basic recommendations (courtesy of Vulkk). These are generic gearing, and may not be optimal for every discipline, but is a start. For more details on each discipline specifically, visit the links at the end.


  • Accuracy 110%
  • Alacrity 7.15%
  • Rest to Critical

Recommended Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
Recommended Adrenal: Advanced Kyrprax Attack Adrenal
Note: Keep in mind disciplines with alacrity bonuses will not need as much to reach their threshold.


  • Accuracy 105%
  • Alacrity 7.15%
  • Rest to Critical

Recommended Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
Recommended Adrenal: None
Note: Force & Tech damage like Powertech, Vanguard, Sorcerer and Sage don’t need Accuracy gear.


  • Alacrity 7.15%
  • Rest to Critical

Recommended Relics: Serendipitous Assault & Focused Retribution
Recommended Adrenal: Kyrprax Triage Adrenal


  • Shield Chance 50%
  • Rest to Absorb

Recommended Relics: Relic of Avoidance &/or Shield Matrix
Recommended Adrenal: Advanced Kyrprax Shield Adrenal

For more detailed information about each disciplines gearing, visit: