Sunday, June 16, 2024

New Player Guide – Combat

As you got through the game, you are definitely going to run across some enemies. Let’s break down how you deal with them.

Basic Combat

If you see an enemy that you want to attack, you can left-click on them, or hit your Tab button (default). When you do, you will see their picture and health bar show up on your screen.

To attack, use your abilities. Abilities are the icons in the quickslot bar at the bottom of your screen. To activate them, left-click on the icon or press the corresponding number key on your keyboard.

Some of your abilities may not work while out of range, for instance, melee-based abilities can only be used close up. Some ranged abilities also have some limitations.

As you deal damage, the health bar of your enemy will show you as their health drains (see first image). When it is empty, the enemy is defeated.

Enemy Difficulty

Some enemies are going to be more challenging than others.

You can get a brief description of enemies by hovering your cursor over them and targeting them. This will reveal their full details.

When you see enemies, you will sometimes see symbols next to their names. These will tell you their difficulty for that area. The more complex the symbol, the more difficult the enemies are.

WEAK enemies are the easiest to kill. You will usually run into these along side stronger enemies. Use your area attacks to hit multiple enemies quickly.
NORMAL enemies are just your average few hit bad guys.

STRONG enemies are a little tougher than the average enemies. They include squad leaders, larger battle droids, tougher creatures, to name a few. They are sometimes accompanied by a group of weaker enemies.

ELITE enemies are much tougher than average enemies. They include enemy commanders, heavy battle droids and larger creatures, to name a few. They sometimes attack alone and other times have a small group of weaker enemies.

CHAMPION enemies are extremely tough, and are not designed to be fought alone. Many of these are found in areas not along the normal paths or kind of hidden where you may accidentally run into them, so be cautious in your travels.

BOSS enemies are the toughest enemies in the game. Flashpoint, Uprising, Operations bosses are the harder ones you will find in those group activities. You will definitely want the help of friends to defeat these.
WORLD BOSSES are the big enemies you will want a large group to defeat. Some planets have these World Bosses that can be defeated for special rewards, titles and achievements. (Hint: On Voss, there is a blue thing on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere, don’t hit it unless you want to release a Nightmare)


So, you died, now what do you do?

You are given choices on the screen to decide which you would like to do to revive.

CALL MEDICAL PROBE – Calling a medical probe will revive you at your current location. Be careful, though, the time it takes to call a medical probe increases if you are repeatedly defeated in a short time.

RETURN TO MEDCENTER – This will revive you at the nearest Medcenter to your location. Sometimes this is very close, and other times it means a long trek back to your position. Returning to the medcenter will reset the medical probe’s cooldown time and also gives you a chance to sell inventory, buy consumables and repair your gear items.

PLAYER REVIVE – Nearby players can also revive you. Healers are able to revive while in combat, while all other players must wait until the fight is over.

When you are defeated, your gearing equipment’s durability decreases, meaning it needs repairs. Always check your gear often and especially before harder battles to make sure the durability has not been completely depleted or it will be unusable until it is repaired.