Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Player Guide – Companions

While playing your Origin Story, you will get five companions, specific to that story, that will help you along your journey through the Galaxy. So how do you use the companions? Let’s break it down.

Calling Companions

After you receive your first companion, you will be able to dismiss or summon them as you want. To summon your companion, hit N (by default) to bring up the Companion & Contacts screen. Here, you can select which companion you would like to summon by clicking the open box icon at the end of the bar by their name. To dismiss a companion, right-click their picture and select “Dismiss Companion”.


Companions can be made better, both in combat and crafting skills, when you increase their influence levels. The higher the level, the better they do. To increase that influence, you can:

  • Gain affection from conversations
  • Gift giving
  • Crew Skills missions

So how do you know how much influence you are getting? Each level of influence gives:

+50 Presence when summoned
+1.5% Time efficiency for crew skills tasks
+0.5% Critical rate for crew skills tasks

What does this mean? It means that a level 50 companion can have:

Influence rank 50
+2500.0 Presence when summoned
+75.0% Time efficiency for crew skills tasks
+25.0% Critical rate for crew skills tasks

Presence increases your companions effectiveness in their roles as Heal, Tank or Damage. This increase is added, or stacked, on top of any datacrons stats or other buffs for Presence.

Speaking with Your Companions

Companions will let you know when they want to speak with you in private in a couple of ways.

The first way is a speech icon will appear on their portrait when they want to talk. When you see this, you will want to take the time to talk to them either on your personal ship, your stronghold or in a cantina.

The second way your companion lets you know they want to talk is the mission icon will show up over their heads when you enter into a rest zone like your ship, stronghold or a cantina area.

To start the conversation with them, right-click on your companion. Most conversations will grant an amount of XP and influence for that companion.


Gifts are a good way to earn influence with your companions. The better the gift, the bigger the influence with them. You will find that different companions like different gifts. While in game, you can check your companions profiles in the Codex to learn their preferences.

You can get companion gifts from crew skills missions, loot drops, vendors and more. The vendors on fleet offer some of the best gifts. You can purchase these with Jawa Junk in the Cartel Bazaar.

Here is a quick reference for gifts and companions:

❤️️❤️️❤️️Loves (Best Gifts)
❤️️❤️️Favorites (Second Best Gifts)
❤️️Likes (Third Best Gifts)

Setting Companion Roles

Your companions will accompany you on your adventures and you can choose what role they play to best suit your needs. They can take the roles of Healer, Tank or Damage to compliment your playstyle.

By default, all the companions are set as a Healer. You can change this two ways:

  • Right-click on your companions portrait and click Role Selection which will open the choices. Choose the one you want your companion to do and click it.
  • Hit N and right-click on the bar of the companion and select Role Selection to open the choices and choose the one you want.

Your companions also have abilities on their bar that can turn on or off their attacks and heals. You right-click the ability to deselect it and turn it off, and again to turn it back on.

NOTE: Their abilities are almost always needed, with the exception of turning on “Passive” to bring them to your side if they linger in a fight. Be sure you are far enough away before turning it back to “Active” or they will just run right back to where they came from.

Claiming & Alerts for Companions

As you go through your Origin story, you will automatically be granted your companions for the story itself. But sometimes, you may want to reclaim or purchase another companion, or when you reach the Knights of the Fallen Empire when you get “Alerts” for more companions.

If you purchase a companion from the Cartel Market, you will get it in a box. You just need to right-click the box and it will open it and add them to your companion list.

Purchasing from the Galactic Seasons vendor on fleet or claiming an Alliance Alert companion from collections will give you a box, that when opened will give you two options to choose from to claim your companion. If you are lower level, you will more than likely want to choose the “For those who do not wish to wait…” choice to open immediately. For higher level players who have already done Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you can open the “Alliance Alert” version and do the story to claim that companion.

Alliance Alerts

As mentioned, after you reach Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire, you will receive a large list of “Alliance Alerts” that you can do to claim more companions and do more of the story associated with the chapters and Star Fortresses (also more companions).

The Alliance Alert companions are given only to that character, so they need to be earned for each one on your Legacy.