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New Player Guide – Crew Skills

Crew Skill Trainers

Crew skills enable you to craft special items and earn extra credits. You will use your companions to do crafting, gathering and mission tasks.

To begin, you want to visit the Crew Skills Trainers in the Crew Skills section on the fleet. You can find these on the map by looking for the gem icon ().

Side note: Subscribers can have three crew skills, while Preferred get two and Free players only get one. Additional slots can be purchased by Free and Preferred players.

To manage your crew skill activities, you can either select the on your top bar and choose Crew Skills to open the Crew Management panel, or click on B (by default) to open it.

Once it is open, you can assign your companions to either craft items, gather resources or go on missions for benefits and rewards of various kinds.

There are three types of things you can do for crafting. Below are links to another page that helps with more in depth information:

Gathering Resources

Missions – To gather some resources, you will want to send your companions on missions. These missions will bring back credits and materials that you or others may need to craft items. Some missions will also give you light or dark side points based on the icons on the mission, for dark side and for light side missions.
Gathering in the Field – To have your companion gather or harvest in the field, right click on the item you want them to gather. If you have no companion or they are not summoned, you can also gather it yourself by right clicking on the item.
Resources are marked on the map with the on the map.


Crafting is combining the resources you have gathered to create an item.

To open the Crafting panel, left click on the crafting skill in the Crew Skills panel. This will open a list of available items you can craft using the schematics you have.

When you click on an item, it will open a list of the components needed to craft that item. If all listed are white lettering, you have those components and can craft that item. If any have red lettering, then you will need to obtain those components before you can craft that item.

When you decide what to craft and have the components, it is as easy as hitting the Craft button to add it to your companion’s crafting queue. You can select up to five items per companion at a time to craft.

To get new schematics, you will need to visit the Crafting crew skill trainer as you level up or buy on the Galactic Trade Network.

Crafting Augmented Items

Augments allow you to make the items more powerful. When you craft an item, there is a chance you will get one that has an augmentation slot. Subscribed players are more likely to get these augmented items than preferred or free players.

With the augments, you will need Augmentation Kits to use them. These can be made through your crafting crew skills or you can buy them on the Galactic Trade Network.

Augment Kit schematics can be acquired through Slicing missions and crafted by Armormech, Synthweaving and Armstech crafters.

Augmentation Kits can be used by anyone to add or upgrade an augment slot. As a subscriber, you will pay reduced fees when adding the Augment Kit to an item.

Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering crafted items will allow you to recover some of the resource components from that item. You are able to reverse engineer most of the items you craft and some items you find in the world.

Reverse engineering items gives you components to craft other items and sometimes will give you a schematic for a higher quality item of the same type. You will see a tooltip that will indicate if there is an upgraded schematic available that you may get.

Again, Subscribers have a higher chance of getting the higher quality schematics.

To reverse engineer, select the Deconstruct icon in your inventory panel and right click the item you would like to reverse engineer.

Onslaught Crafting

With the Onslaught expansion, the game introduced a second level tier of crafting, the Onslaught crafting. This level is what we currently use to get our endgame gear, augments, stims, adrenals, etc. So how do you get it?

To get the Onslaught crafting, you will first need to reach level 600 in crafting. Once you reach that, you can go to your Crafting Crew Skill trainer and buy the Onslaught expansion for 250,000 credits. Like previous expansions, you will need to craft components to craft the Onslaught items.

There are three basic schematic levels for Onslaught at 620, 640 and 680. All of the materials and components will have three tiers, green, blue and purple. The higher tier means some higher, more rare items are needed like Processed Isotope Stabilizers, Solid Resource Matrix and Legendary Embers. These items are rare, but not impossible to find.

Some of the items you can craft with the Onslaught expansion are:

  • Augments
  • Armorings
  • Mods
  • Enhancements
  • Hilts
  • Barrels
  • Armor
  • Relics
  • Offhands
  • Earpieces
  • Lightsabers
  • Blaster Weapons
  • Implants