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New Player Guide – Getting Around

We have all been there, new to the game, no idea what we are doing. We have gathered all the information we can think of for new players and put it together in this nice handy guide. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions for anything not here, feel free to email Sith Girl at the email at the bottom of the page with your question.


This is fairly basic and very much like most MMOs.

W – ForwardS – BackwardA – Left D – Right
To jump, you will use the space bar. For some areas, you may have to jump while you are moving.

To rotate the camera, you can hold either mouse button while moving the mouse. Holding the LEFT mouse button while moving the mouse will rotate only the camera. Holding down the RIGHT mouse button while moving will move both the camera and your character.

World Map

To track your missions and see where you are, you will want to look at your World Map. To open your World Map, hit the small world button on the mini map.

Once your World Map is open, you will find small icons denoting missions, vendors, and more.

Your Mission Objectives will have directions marked with the following icons:

The Exit with Mission arrows will also indicate transitions between different maps or areas. Most are clickable on your map to see where they go from there on the next map.

Mini Map

Similar to the World Map, the Mini Map will also have the same icons you have selected in the filter.

By default, the Mini Map will be in the lower right corner and will have a menu bar along the bottom.
The icons along the bottom from left to right:
► Activity Finder Queue
► Warzones / PvP Queue
► World Map
► Galactic Starfighter Queue
► Instance Type, PvE or PvP
► Map Filter
► Toggle Map Overlay
► Zoom Out
► Zoom In

Galaxy Map

The Galaxy Map is just that, a map of the galaxy. Each dot represents a planet or mission location you have access to. For Origin Story missions, you will see the pink triangles () and for side quests you will see the yellow triangles () on the location they can be found. As you see on this screenshot, the upper right corner will list those missions for you.


So, you need to get around. We know movement and maps, but what other ways do you get around? Let’s look at that now.


Travel around on planets more quickly with speeders, or mounts as some call them. You will need to grab your speeder piloting ability at the class trainers. Free players do not get this ability until level 20.

Side Note: Most areas inside spaces do not allow Speeders, and after you are given a warning will automatically remove the speeder, forcing you to dismount.
To view Speeders, go to your Abilities tab (hit P by default), click on the Vehicles tab and select the speeder you are wanting to use. To summon your Speeder, click on the icon for the speeder you choose. To put the speeder away or dismount, click the icon again.

You can also add the icon to your quickbar. To add the icon to your quickbar, click and drag the icon from the Abilities panel to the place you want it on your bar.


Another way to travel around on a planet more quickly is using the Taxi system. Taxi locations are indicated by the double-sided arrow icon on your map and will show over a transport service droid’s head.

To use a taxi, right-click on the transport service droid. This will bring up a map with all your available taxi destinations.

To select a destination, left-click on the icon to the location you want to travel to. All of the travel has a fee, but normally you should have enough if you loot defeated enemies.

When you have a mission near a specific taxi location, your mission objectives will be highlighted in green on your destination map.

Quick Travel

By far, the quickest way around on a planet is the use of Quick Travel. These are unlocked as you reveal the map areas they are in, so you may not see too many when you first reach a planet. Once unlocked, they all show up on the map.

To effectively use Quick Travel, you will first need the icon on your quickbar. You do this by hitting P (by default) and selecting “General”. Click and drag the icon to your quickbar.

To activate Quick Travel, left-click the icon to open the map. Quick Travel points are indicated by the icon. Left-click the icon on the map to choose which point you would like to go to.

* * *
Side Note: By default, Quick travel has timers for everyone. Subscribers can use it once every 6 minutes while Free to Play players have 30 minutes between uses. These times can be reduced by purchasing the Quick Travel Legacy Unlocks in the Legacy Panel (Y by default -> Character Perks). As of 7.2.1a update, there is a fee for using Quick Travel.

Fleet Pass

Emergency Fleet Pass is a Subscribers Only feature that lets you transport back to the fleet at any time. Free-to-Play players do not have access to this, but can purchase a single-use item from the Cartel Market.

To activate the Fleet Pass, open your Abilities panel (P by default) and scroll to the General tab. Once there, find Emergency Fleet Pass and left-click. You will be transported to the Fleet of your faction.

Single-use Fleet Pass items can be purchase from the Security Key Vendor on the fleet or from the Cartel Market.