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New Player Guide – Group Activity

We all eventually want to play the game with someone, whether out of necessity to get some Flashpoints or World Bosses or because we are social people. Here we will explain how to make that happen.


To chat with other players, you press the Enter key to open up the chat panel. You can then type your message and send. But, there are different channels that you may want to use.

To access the chat options, click the chat bubble in the lower left corner along the message typing bar of the Chat panel or you can use the following slash commands.

  • /say – Will speak to all nearby players, not the whole planet.
  • /yell – Shout across a wide area around you.
  • /general – This will allow you to message in the planet wide chat.
  • /trade – Chats in the Trade channel for selling and buying things.
  • /pvp – Allows you to talk to others doing pvp.
  • /group – Chats with just those in a group you may have joined.
  • /guild – Allows you to chat to others only in your guild.
  • /ops – Allows you to chat with only those in your Ops group.

Say and Yell can be used only to nearby players, General, Trade and PvP cover the entire planet you are on, and Group, Guild and Ops can be to or from anywhere in the game.

Free-to-Play players are limited to chatting on the Origin Worlds until level 10, and have a timer between messages.

Grouping With Other Players

Playing with a group is a good way to tackle some of the harder content in the game.

To form a group, left-click on another player to select them and either left-click the purple Invite to Group button or right-click and choose Group > Invite to Group.

Once in a group, you can chat using the group channel (/group) and their portrait will now be added to your screen to the left. Their mission markers will now show on your map as well as purple icons.

The advantages of being in a group include completing difficult missions, gaining experience faster and being able to defeat difficult enemies a bit faster.

Player Vs Player

Player versus player is just that, you will be fighting other players. As of some of the latest updates, you can now choose whether to queue for both Arenas and Warzones or only one of them. PvP earns you experience, valor points, and access to other benefits and achievements.

Arenas & Warzones

To join the queue for Arenas and/or Warzones, go to the bar below your mini-map and select the faction icon by left-clicking. This will open the Activities window to the PvP tab.

Once on that tab, you can Join Queue for any of the PvP activities except Challenges, which we will cover next.

Once enough players have joined the queue, you will be prompted to join the battle. Hit “Enter Now” to join the Arena or Warzone. You will be transported to the battle from your current location. When the battle ends, you will be sent back to where you were before.

To find all of your stats, open your Activites windows and select the PvP tab. Then click on each of the titles for Arena and Warzone and it will give you your Valor stats.

PVP Challenge

Want to challenge some friends to some PvP? There are two ways to do that.

  • Dueling One on One – To duel a single player, you would select the player, right-click their picture, click Additional Commands > Request Duel.
  • Groups of 2 or more – You can issue a PvP Challenge via the Activites PvP tab. This is available for Skirmishes between groups of players or Guild vs Guild challenges.

The types of Challenges:

Group Challenges must have 2 groups, and the maximum number of players allowed is determined by the map’s type.

Arenas: 2-4 Group Members
Warzones: 2-8 Group Members
Starfighter: 2-12 Group Members
Issue a challenge that will record your wins and losses against other guilds. Each group must be solely made up of guild members to be considered a guild group.

Group Missions

Group missions are exactly that, missions you should do as a group. While some veteran and really good players can do them alone, a majority enjoy or need to have some others with them to do them.

Difficulty Modes

When doing the extras in the game like Flashpoints, Uprisings and Operations, you can choose which difficulty mode you do. Below is an explanation of those:

  • StoryAny players, any role, and some can be done solo by experienced players. Most of the Flashpoints that you do for the Origin Story are easy enough to do solo on Story mode. None of the Operations or Uprisings can be done solo, in any difficulty.
  • Veteran (HM)Recommendations of a well-balanced group comprised of healers, tanks and DPS based on the size of the group. Flashpoints is doesn’t matter as much because good DPS can do them well at this difficulty. Uprisings and Operations need the balanced groups to deal with the minor mechanics and mobs efficiently.
  • Master (NiM or MM)Requirement for balanced group of players. These are the most challenging parts of the game and require the correct roles to combat the mechanics and mobs of the harder content. Flashpoints are able to be done by a variation on the group if experienced. Uprisings and Operations MUST be done with good healers, good tanks and heavy DPS to get through them efficiently.

The above difficulties also are options for the Knights of the Fallen Empire and Knights of the Eternal Throne chapters as well. If you don’t choose a difficulty, it will default to solo story mode. Once a chapter has been completed, you can repeat it at any difficulty.

To choose your difficulty:

    • Story – Solo tab on the Activities window (hit Ctrl + G by default)
    • Veteran – Activites window Group Tab
    • Master – Activities window Group Tab
    • Story – Picked up in the Combat Training area on Fleet
    • Veteran – Activities window Group Tab or picked up in the Combat Training Area on Fleet
    • Master – Picked up in the Combat Training area on Fleet
  • OPERATIONS (Note: Group leader sets the difficulty, so make sure it is correct before entering instance.)
    • Story – Activities window Group Tab
    • Veteran – Enter through the instance entrance
    • Master – Enter through the instance entrance

Activity Finder

This is where you will find access to most activities in the game, from PvP to Solo heroics, dailies and Flashpoints, and more. To get to the Activity Finder window, you can either hit Ctrl + G (by default), select the three people icon () on the bar below your mini map (by default) or by clicking on the triangle icon at the top of your screen (by default) and select Activities from the dropdown.

There are four screens to the Activity Finder:


Story Operations • Veteran Uprisings • Veteran Flashpoints • Master Flashpoints

Planetary Missions (Heroics) • Daily Areas • Flashpoints (Story Difficulty)

Warzones • Arenas • Starfighter • Challenges

Operations Lockouts for Bosses


Flashpoints are short, fast-paced stories that go along with your Origin Story if you choose to do them. All of them are best done as you go in your story, but can be done at any time after you reach the place in your story or level to open them.

Flashpoints have multiple, sometimes complex missions that you and your group must work together to complete. Your missions usually begin on the Fleet, where entrances to a majority of the Flashpoints can be found.

When you enter a Flashpoint, it creates an “Instance” for your group. This keeps your progress to just your group. To leave the instance, look for the Exit Area button at the top of your screen.

If all the players in the group leave a flashpoint before it is completed, it will close after one hour and you will lose your progress.


Uprisings are a step up from Flashpoints. They are fast-paced, with lots of action and enemies…lots of them.

None of these really go with the story line but are nice added challenges, especially if you need to work on your area attacks since there are lots and lots of mobs.

Some of the bosses in Uprisings have some mechanics that will be more difficult as you do the veteran and master versions of them.

Uprisings are limited to subscribed players at level 75 or above.

Uprisings are a good stepping stone to the ultimate challenges of the game…


Operations are fast-paced, action packed, challenging battles that require larger groups and lots of coordination. For these, your group needs to be 8 or 16 players.

Operations start on the fleet and require the group to be an ops group to enter. To create an ops group, create a group and then right-click on your portrait and select Convert to an Ops Group.

Operations are limited to subscribed players at level 80.