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New Player Guide – Items & Inventory

So many things you can pick up, purchase, or trade. So let’s get down to learning what those are.


Loot is acquired when you defeat an enemy. A beam of light will shine from a fallen enemy that will show they have loot for pick up. Right-click on the body to open the loot window.

There are two ways to collect from the loot window. First, you can right-click each item in the loot window to take it or hit the Take All button at the bottom. A second way is to go into your preferences at the top of your screen or ctrl + P by default, and under Controls > General > Auto loot on Right Click.

A different color beam will show you may have items that are of different quality. Green beams are usually gear or useful items that are better or more valuable and worth taking and selling later. Sometimes you will get blues, purples and gold beams. You want to make sure you collect those as they may have higher gear or currencies.

Most loots will contain credits, so it is good to collect all you can.

Loot Discipline

Once you reach level 75, you can change your Loot Discipline, which allows you to decide which discipline you would like to receive. This is very useful if you are playing a damage but would like some healing or tanking gear if your class has one of those. By default, your loot discipline will be your current discipline.

To change your loot discipline, Right-click on your character portrait, select Loot Discipline and choose which option you would like to collect.

Once your Loot Discipline is selected, loot from Onslaught expansion onward will be set to that selection.

Inventory & Equipment

When you loot, those things go into your inventory. To open your inventory, left click the person icon () on the Menu Bar at the top of your screen and then left-click the box icon (), or by default, you can hit the I key.

To see details of the items in your inventory, you can hover over the item. You can equip it by right-clicking on it.

Side Note: Some items may not be available to free-to-play players without Artifact Authorization. These are usually the purple grade and higher.

Your equipped items can be found on your Character Sheet panel by pressing the person icon () and selecting character sheet () or, by default, pressing C.

Damaged & Destroyed Items

While fighting enemies, your gear will take a beating. You will want to repair it regularly to keep it in its best condition.

A red armor icon over your character’s portrait means that one of your equipped items is damaged or destroyed and needs repaired.

Your equipped items will lose a small amount of durability from general wear and tear, but if you are defeated, a much larger amount of durability will be lost. So make sure you check it often.

When the durability drops to zero, it is no longer usable or of any benefit. You will need to find a vendor and replace or repair it as soon as possible.

Selling Trash Items

Your inventory will eventually get full. When that happens, your companion can sell trash items for you.

To send a companion to sell those items, right-click on your companions portrait and select the option from the drop-down menu. Your companion will leave you for a short time to sell all the gray-quality trash items in your inventory and return with credits for the sale. (see Vendors below for another way to sell trash items)

Item Modifications

Item modifications is a good way to enhance some items you have equipped. While most is usually done at end game, there are some who like to do this as they level as well. This can improve the level of the item.

These modifications fit only in compatible slots, for example a hilt modification will not fit into a barrel slot.

To open the item modification panel, press control + right click. Find the modification you would like to put into the slot and right-click it in your inventory or drag it to the corresponding slot.

WORD OF CAUTION: If you have a modification you may want to reuse in the item, you will want to remove it before adding a new one or it will be destroyed.

To remove a modification, drag it or right-click it in the modification panel. You will be charged a small fee to remove it, but this allows you to reuse it. Subscribers are charged a slightly reduced price than Free-to-Play Players.

Mission Items

Some missions will require you to use items from your inventory. Most of these can be activated directly from the mission tracker. Most often, you will need to select the target before it can be used.

Mission items that may be used often, like the macrobinoculars and seeker droid, may be handy to have on your Quickbar for easy access. You can use it from there just like an ability.

Your mission items can be found in the Mission Items tab in your inventory.

Inventory Upgrades

Your inventory has a couple of ways to make it easier to find things.

Use the icons at the top left of your inventory panel to move Crafting Materials, Deconstruct or Destroy, see your Materials inventory, show Collections and show Pack Explorer.

Moving materials to the Materials inventory is quick and easy. First, you will want to make sure you have the right quality threshold selected. All items of that quality or lower will be moved to the Materials Inventory when you click the button. To do this, right-click the move all materials button and select the threshold you prefer. Second, you can now just click the Move All Materials button and all at or below that threshold will be moved.


Vendors are where you can buy and sell items.

As noted above, a vendor is another place to sell all of your trash items and others you no longer have use for. In return for selling them, you earn extra credits and free up inventory space.

Vendors will appear as credit icons on your map and minimap.

Some vendors will also sell items that may be useful to you like armors, companion gifts and customizations and needed items for some events just to name a few. Right click the vendor to open their shop. To buy an item, right-click the item in the shop inventory, and to sell an item, right-click the item in your inventory.

Cargo Holds

Cargo holds can be used to store items you don’t need right away. To find cargo hold locations, look for the key () icon on your map and minimap. Subscribers will have free access to personal, legacy and guild cargo holds.

As you add things to your cargo hold, it will eventually get full. When this happens, you can buy additional cargo bays directly from the Cargo Hold window. The credits to purchase each additional bay will increase, while Cartel Coin purchase will remain the same.

Cargo holds are a good place to store legacy wide gear and other items that do not go to your Collections.

Personal cargo holds are accessible by only that character. Legacy cargo holds can be accessed by all across your server. Guild cargo holds are accessible to only Preferred and Subscribers. Guild cargo holds will sometimes hold items the guild would like to share so that all in the guild have access, so it is a good idea to try and get access by either making a purchase of Cartel Coins or subscribing.


Collections are items that you have obtained via Cartel Market, Market Packs, Collector’s Editions and more. These items are added to your collections upon being equipped.

Once in your Collections, you are able to track items you have collected, which you still need, and get new duplicate copies of the items.

Your Collections can be accessed from your inventory window and from the Cartel Market window via the Collections button.

The left pane of the Collections window is an index of all the categories your items are in. You items can be found under their type of item category or under the pack name towards the bottom of the index.

When you open a category, you will see all the items available in Collections. You can sort this by All Collections, Show Collected or Show Uncollected, depending on which you need.

Once you have unlocked something in your Collections on one character, you can buy the upgrade to open it across your account by purchasing the one-time unlock on the item in your Collections. This cost ranges from 5 to 400 Cartel Coins usually.

*Side Note on Armor: ALL pieces of the armor set must be equipped for it to be added to Collections.

Tracking Items in Collections

Each Collection category and subcategory will track the items you have unlocked. You will see a completion percentage for each category and subcategory.

If an item in the Collections is currently available in the Cartel Market, it will have an icon to “Open in Cartel Market” in the lower left corner that will take you directly to that item in the Cartel Market. (currently glitched)

While looking at the items you have or want to get, you can go to the “Show Details” and preview the information and look of that item on your character. It will open a small panel with your character and the piece you previewed on them.

Each Collection item will also have an icon telling you if that item is open for account or just on one character and what level it is able to be used. This is good for when you want to know which you may still need to unlock across your account or as a new character.

Retrieving Items from Collections

Once you have an item unlocked in your Collections account wide, you can claim a copy on any of your characters. These will be bound to that character, so they cannot be traded, even among your own. You can reclaim as many copies as you want on every character once opened account wide.

To reclaim a copy of an unlocked item, press the box in the lower left corner that says “Transfer a copy of this item to your inventory.” This will move it to your inventory where you can equip it for that character. Be sure you have enough spaces open for it to transfer to.

**Side Note: Pets, Emotes, Titles and Vehicles will automatically be learned by your character.


Dye Modules

So you want to change the color of your gear? No problem. Most pieces of gear have an enhancement slot for Dye Modules. These allow you to change the color scheme of the gear for the whole outfit or just one piece. Dyes are available from crafting with Artifice skill, on the GTN or in the Cartel Market, depending on the colors you want. Some vendors around the galaxy also carry some exclusive colors.

How to Use Dyes

Every piece of gear has a primary color slot for a Primary Color and some have the Secondary Color to change a second area as well. When you buy dye modules, you can get them in Primary only, Secondary only and with both. The single color modules will only allow you to change one or the other color, not both. You can only use one dye module on each piece of gear.

To dye each piece a different color scheme separately:

  • You will need a dye module for each piece of gear (7 for all pieces).
  • Each piece can have a different color scheme to look the way you choose.

To dye all pieces the same color scheme:

  • For full color scheme change, you will only need one dye module.
  • Place the dye module in the CHEST piece of gear.
  • To put that color scheme on all the other pieces, select the “Unify Colors” button.
  • If you would like to remove the scheme from one piece, other than the chest, you can deselect the small square in the corner of that piece.

Previewing the Dye Without Using It

You can preview the dyes without adding them to your gear by pressing Ctrl + Left-click on the dye module. This will open a preview window of what you are currently wearing in the color scheme of the dye module.

Adding the Dye

You can add the dye to the gear piece you want to use it on by Ctrl + Right-click to access the Item Modification window. Once open, right-click to add the dye to the dye module slot. You will be asked to confirm you want to use it before it becomes permanent.

Cautions When Using Dyes

  • Only one dye can be used per piece
  • If you already have a dye module in the dye module slot, it will be replaced and destroyed to add the new one.
  • Dye Modules can only be used ONCE. They cannot be removed and used again.