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New Player Guide – Missions

Now you know how to move and navigate the maps, so what do you do? Your story missions and side missions. Completing missions progresses your character’s story and advances their development as a character.

When you see a triangle icon above a character’s head, this means they have a mission for you to pick up. Right-click on that character to start a conversation to learn more about a mission or grab a written mission task.

** SIDE NOTE: Some missions may require content access before allowing you to accept the mission. These will have a triangle icon with a Cartel Coin symbol.

Types of Missions

There are about eight types of missions. So let me explain them in more detail.

Story Missions

These are the path and story line of your Origin Story, the core of the game. In order to progress your character and be able to do all the expansion content later, you need to complete your Story Missions.

For Story Missions, look for the symbol. You will find those on the direct Origin Story and for Planetary Story lines. Planetary Story can only be done while you are doing your main Origin Story. so doing both at the same time is possible.

Once you have picked up the story mission and completed it, you sometimes need to return to someone to complete that mission. For that you will look for the symbol to show it is the person you need to see or place you need to be.

BONUS MISSIONS: Along with some of your Origin Story and other missions you pick up, there may be some Bonus Objectives. These will give extra loot or credits and experience points for doing them alongside the main mission. Be sure to complete the Bonus Objectives BEFORE you finish your main mission or it will not count.

Mission Offers

Story & Planetary Arc Missions
Side Mission Offers
Exploration & Bonus Series Missions
Heroic & Repeatable Missions
HEROIC MISSIONS – These can be picked up in five different places: Fleet, on planet while exploring, Odessen (once you reach chapters), Heroic Stations on each planet and your Conquest tab (default L) by clicking the Planet: Heroic Mission and using the “Mission Board” button on the bottom of the right panel. Heroic Missions are daily repeatable and can help you get new gear, credits, conquest commendations and daily matrices for higher levels. Many people use “Heroics” to level up and earn credits and currency to get higher gear.
SIDE MISSIONS – All other missions that carry the symbol are considered Side Quests. These missions are voluntary and can be done at any time while you are playing, whether during your story or coming back to them later. To turn these in, look for the symbol on your map.
EXPLORATION MISSIONS – Exploration Missions are more optional missions that can be done at any time during your time playing the game. You must enable them on your map to see them. These missions will give you additional quests to help you level up, get new side stories or just more interesting stuff to do in the game. To find the drop off for these, look for the symbol on your map.

*These missions can be completed only once per character.
PLANETARY ARCS – Planetary Arcs are more optional missions that can be done at any time during your time playing the story part of the game. They are not necessary to the overall main story, but do provide some nice background and more information for some of the story lines so it is a good idea to do them.

*These missions can be completed only once per character.
BONUS SERIES – Bonus Series Missions are missions that are meant to be completed after you have finished the main story missions on each planet. They are optional, and can be repeated for conquest points and Alliance crates that can be turned in for cosmetic gear after Chapter 9 of Knights of the Fallen Empire.
DAILY MISSIONS – Daily Missions can be found in your Missions Screen (default L) under the “Solo” tab. These are groups of smaller missions that, when completed will give you higher than usual loot drops, especially for level 80 players who will receive Daily Resource Matrices for completion.
WEEKLY MISSIONS – Weekly Missions are groups of missions that can be repeated only three times per week for larger Conquest and Rewards. These are found at PvP, Operations, Uprisings, Priority Missions consoles and some are given when you pick up the first mission of that type.
UNAVAILABLE MISSIONS – These are missions that are not yet available to you but will be at some future level. They show a GRAY symbol above the mission giver.

Tracking Missions

Icons on your Mini Map will mark the locations of characters with an available mission.
Your accepted missions will appear, by default, in the upper right corner of your screen. For Heroics and Exploration Missions, Yellow bold is the title of the mission and the light-blue text is the task you need to do to complete or move to the next portion of that mission. For your Story Missions, the Purple-Pink is the title of the mission and the light-blue text is the task you need to do to complete or move to the next portion of that mission. All types of missions will list a secondary Bonus*** mission in Yellow text with its task listed under the main mission it is a bonus to.

Any missions you have that don’t fit in the mission window will be listed under as “Additional Missions”. You can click that title and it will open your missions log.
*** Side note on Bonus Missions, to get credit for them, you must complete them before the objective of the Main Mission is completed.

Story Missions

Heroic Missions

Exploration & Bonus Missions

Class Story & Group Phases – Instanced Missions

As you play, there will be times that you have what is called “instances” that your character will enter to further their story. You can bring friends into these with you to observe and, in some cases, fight enemies with you.

The entrances are marked with either a red, blue or green barrier. If the barrier has a red grid look it means you do not have access. If the barrier is blue, you have accepted the mission and someone else has entered first and you can follow into the instance. If it is a green barrier, you have been given permission to enter and can proceed into the instance.

You can run your cursor over the barrier to see a tooltip that tells you which of the above scenarios you are facing and have permission to enter.

Allowing Others to Enter

If you find your group members cannot enter, you and them need to check in your Preferences menu Social tab to see if you need to select “Allow same class” to allow others into your instance. This will not progress their class stories, even if they share the same story.