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Your Adventure Awaits!

You have started your journey into the galaxy far, far away. Soon, companions will join you, fighting at your side, building friendships and romances.

You will learn your combat style, fighting along side friends, defeating enemies. Choose your discipline and begin to hone your skills.

Ready to test your skill? Join others and battle player versus player in Warzones or Arenas, brutally competitive battles as your team fights for glory, medals and bragging rights.

Explore the Galaxy

Soon you will be traveling into the rest of the galaxy in your ship to stories awaiting on different planets.

Engage in space missions. Shoot the enemy out of the sky, using your laser fire and missiles as you upgrade your ship for more intense battles.

Group with friends and take on some flashpoints, defeating the worst of the galaxy. The choices are difficult, the battles calculated and require teamwork to survive.

Travel Into Adventure

When you reach level 10, you can create your Legacy, a way to bind your characters together and unlock new skills, buffs, boosts and more.

At level 70 and beyond, you will have new challenges in Uprisings, faster paced fights similar to Flashpoints, with more enemies to defeat and more mechanics.

Level 80 opens up the hardest content, Operations. Dealing more damage, sapping more health, more mechanics, raising the challenge of the fights for everyone. Group with 8 or more and take on the ultimate bosses of the game and see how far you have come.
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