Thursday, June 20, 2024
Search Operations

Operations are the more complex of the endgame play. We have gathered information about each operation from guides to help get through them to maps, drop items, secrets and more.

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All operations require level 80 and subscription to enter.

*All information is current as of 8/24/23.

NameDifficulty Available
Eternity VaultYesYesNo
The Nature of ProgressYesYesYes
Gods From the MachineYesYesYes
Explosive ConflictYesYesYes
Karagga’s PalaceYesYesNo
Scum and VillianyYesYesYes
Temple of SacrificeYesYesNo
Terror From BeyondYesYesYes
The R-4 AnomalyYesYesNo
The Dread FortressYesYesYes
The Dread PalaceYesYesYes
The RavagersYesYesNo
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