Thursday, February 22, 2024

Operations Difficulties

All operations require level 80 and subscription to enter.

*All information is current as of 8/24/23.

NameDifficulty Available
Eternity VaultYesYesNo
The Nature of ProgressYesYesYes
Gods From the MachineYesYesYes
Explosive ConflictYesYesYes
Karagga’s PalaceYesYesNo
Scum and VillianyYesYesYes
Temple of SacrificeYesYesNo
Terror From BeyondYesYesYes
The R-4 AnomalyYesYesNo
The Dread FortressYesYesYes
The Dread PalaceYesYesYes
The RavagersYesYesNo