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PvP Rewards (PTS 7.2)

All the items as of Nov. 22, 2022 as listed by JackieKo on the SWTOR Forums. Prices may vary when they go live and the currency is PvP Season Tokens. This page will be removed when the 7.2 is made live and replaced with the new information available then.

Other News for PvP

As of Nov. 22, 2022 –

  • [NEW] Player can no longer use mounts in the Onderon Palatial Ruins map
  • The PvP sections of the fleet have been decorated for the upcoming PvP Season
  • Giradda offers a collection of Replica PvP rewards as well as current season rewards (these prices are not final)
    • Replica rewards are offered on a 4 group rotating schedule, like the Galactic Seasons past rewards
    • Current season rewards will be available for the entire season
  • Onderon Palatial Ruins Map: Players should no longer get stuck in various areas of the map with trees and pillars
  • Added Warzone and Arena Trophy Portraits to Giradda’s rotation, available for PvP Seasons Tokens (these prices may not be final)
  • [NEW] Art Decorations of arenas and warzones have been added to Giradda’s rotation.
  • [NEW] Current Season rewards have been moved from Giradda to Tullek for visibility.
    • Current season rewards will be available on Tullek for the entire season.
    • When the season ends these rewards will be moved to Giradda and placed in the rotation.
  • [NEW] Redistributed the PvP Season Tokens rewards from PvP Season Achievements
    • The following achievements will reward 1 PvP Season Token (down from 2)
      • “Arena Advocator”
      • “Warzone Warrior”
      • “All-star Medalist”
    • The achievement “Finisher” no longer rewards PvP Seasons Tokens (down from 2)
    • The achievement “PvP Season One Prodigy” now rewards 5 PvP Season Tokens (up from 0)
  • [NEW] Increased the amount of points required to complete the season to 7000 (up from 5200)
  • [NEW] Increased the requirements of PvP Season Objectives
    • Arenas: Decorated requires 8 or more medals in 8 arenas (up from 6 arenas)
    • Arenas: Combatant requires 16 arenas played (up from 10)
    • Arenas: Domination requires 6 wins (up from 2)
    • Warzones: Decorated requires 8 or more medals in 4 warzones (up from 3 warzones)
    • Warzones: Combatant requires 8 warzones played (up from 5)
    • Warzones: Domination requires 3 wins (up from 1)
  • [NEW] Blue Battle Flag (Season 1) and Red Battle Flag (Season 1) can no longer be used in Arenas or Warzones.
  • [NEW] Credit Catchup has been updated for PvP Seasons (may not be completely visible on PTS)
  • [NEW] Credit Catchup will begin during Week 7 of a season
    • Credit catchup can only be used to purchase up to level 15
    • Credit catchup prices have been increased
  • [NEW] Giradda’s title has been updated to “PvP Rewards Vendor”
  • [NEW] Adjusted prices for Giradda’s replica items (listed above in table)