Quick, Clever, Answers to No One

Sometimes luck is more important than skill, although it never hurts to have both.

With lawlessness having become common during the war between the Republic and Empire, political allegiances and pirates have made space travel dangerous. Smugglers are not afraid to break the rules, making a handsome profit hauling cargo.

Smugglers only survive by being slick, sneaky and street-smart, sweet talking or bargaining with criminal contacts to dissolve deteriorating situations. Always having an escape plan, Smugglers can quickly become cunning and deadly combatants if backed into a corner.

  • Scoundrel – Scoundrel packs a stealth belt, a scattergun and a med pack
  • Gunslinger – Gunslinger and his dual blasters are the perfect team

Advanced Classes


Scoundrels don’t have time for politeness or a fair fight. Scoundrels not only use their blasters, but have a stealth belt, a scattergun and med pack. The Scoundrel always shoots first.

Class Combat Styles

Damage – Scrappers and Ruffians use every tool available to deal quick damage with a barrage of blaster bolts and explosives.

Healing – Sawbones Scoundrels are armed with the best medical technology to ensure their crew remains healthy.


Being masters of trick shot, Gunslingers dive for cover and willingly take advantage of every opportunity. Using his dual blasters, the Gunslinger can shoot to keep an enemy from charging and inflict serious injuries for maximum distraction.

Class Combat Styles

Damage – Sharpshooters, Saboteurs, and Dirty Fighting Gunslingers always make sure they have enough firepower to unleash massive damage quickly, dispatching enemies with ease with everything from blaster fire to grenades.

Starting Planet

Ord Mantell – A longstanding member of the Galactic Republic, Ord Mantell is a world of deep seas, tall mountains and lush islands. Traders and merchants from across the galaxy ply their wares in Mantellian ports, along with black marketeers and other underworld forces.

In recent years, Ord Mantell has become embroiled in civil war, as anti-government separatists encourage Mantellian independence in the face of a brutally corrupt government with ties to organized crime. The Republic is responding with military force, and the fighting has resulted in high numbers of civilian casualties. Shuttle traffic is currently directed to the island of Avilatan.


Playable Species

The following species can be played without purchase unlock.

Species you can purchase or earn by reaching level 50 on another class:


The blaster pistol is a common weapon in the Star Wars universe. It is the preferred main hand weapon for the Scoundrel classes, and the Gunslinger can also equip them in the offhand.

Gunslinger – Two Blaster Pistols —- Scoundrel – Blaster Pistol

Scoundrel – Scattergun / Shotgun


The Corellian Engineering Corporation is one of the largest civilian starship manufacturers in the galaxy. Known for building ships that are fast, sturdy and highly customizable, their vessels essentially serve as blank slates for an owner’s modifications. CEC is also known for its unsupported short runs of certain products, when an engineer gets “creative” and supplies customers with uniquely tuned equipment. Luck can be important when buying from CEC. The XS Stock Light Freighter came into service almost twenty years ago. Larger and more versatile than its predecessors, and featuring a variety of optional upgrades that can make it one of the most nimble ships in the galaxy, the model has seen more than its share of use. Rigged with an oversized cargo hold, passenger quarters, multiple laser turrets and a thick armor layer, the XS is an old favorite of captains traveling through dangerous space. The XS has one other feature not widely advertised: its maintenance compartments can be rearranged and concealed to serve as ideal hiding spots for contraband cargo. Even security officers aware of this trick can be stumped by the work of an imaginative owner.