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The stories of SWTOR are amazing. We have gathered class information, story summaries, companions, missions, mission givers, locations, rewards and interactive maps to help navigate the main stories.

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Knights of the Fallen Empire
& Knights of the Eternal Throne

A short summary of the expansion stories as presented by Charles Boyd in “The Story So Far” video.
The video and official SWTOR transcript can be found here.

Republic and Imperial forces joined together once again after the newly-freed Sith Emperor consumed all life on the planet Ziost, killing almost the entirety of the planet’s population. A task force led by Darth Marr–a key player during the Revanite crisis–tracked the Emperor to an uncharted area beyond the known regions of the galaxy, known as Wild Space.

Marr’s forces had barely begun to explore the region before they were attacked. The assailants, led by Prince Arcann of the Eternal Empire, captured Marr and one of his allies and brought them before his father, Emperor Valkorion. Marr immediately recognized Valkorion as the same Emperor who had once ruled the Sith Empire and who had destroyed Ziost. Marr was killed in the ensuing confrontation. While Valkorion attempted to recruit Marr’s ally to his cause, he was struck down and seemingly killed. Arcann, blamed the ally–whom he called “Outlander”–for the attack, and claimed the throne of the Eternal Empire for himself.

For five years, the Eternal Empire ruled the galaxy with an iron fist. The weakened Republic and Sith Empire were powerless against Emperor Arcann’s forces and quickly submitted to invasion. Hope was lost, until the “Outlander” escaped Arcann’s prison and took command of the Alliance, an organization built from Republic and Imperial forces determined to shatter the Eternal Empire’s grip on the galaxy. All the while, the disembodied Emperor now known as Valkorion lived on, speaking within the Alliance Commander’s mind, attempting to guide their actions and tempt them with promises of his power and wisdom.

The Alliance’s rebellion was long and difficult. When Arcann was eventually deposed, his sister Vaylin–who many considered to be the even more tyrannical –took the Eternal Throne for herself. Vaylin’s rule, marked by bloodshed and chaos, ended when she attacked the Alliance base on Odessen. After a long battle that cost many lives, the Alliance Commander defeated Vaylin, traveled to the Eternal Empire’s homeworld of Zakuul, and seized control of the Eternal Throne and what remained of the vast, automated fleets it commanded. It was at this pivotal moment that the disembodied Valkorion struck, attempting to seize the Commander’s body for himself; but the Commander’s will was stronger than he’d imagined, and the once-Emperor of the Sith was seemingly destroyed at last.

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