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The stories of SWTOR are amazing. We have gathered class information, story summaries, companions, missions, mission givers, locations, rewards and interactive maps to help navigate the main stories.

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Legacy of the Sith

A short summary of the expansion stories as we get them, sadly badly written by me. 🙂

The Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire face-off on Manaan to seize control of its abundance of kolta, a vital medical resource to all sides of the war. Who will gain control, battling through underwater facilities?

Digging Deeper

The story continues on the planet Elom with the discovery of a ruined Sith Fortress that was mysteriously erased from all records. Rumors persist that Darth Malgus–on the hunt for ancient relics throughout the galaxy–may have found something critical to the future of the Jedi and the Sith.

Showdown on Ruhnuk

After investigating the ruins on Nul, Shae Vizla asks for help in her hunt for Heta Kol, a rogue Mandalorian who has gathered an army of rebels under the banner of the Hidden Chain. This pursuit brings them to an inhospitable planet at the center of an electrical nebula called Ruhnuk.

With Darth Nul’s holocron in the Hidden Chain’s possession, investigations into the ancient Sith’s past are made a priority. As new information is revealed, so are unexpected truths. What is Malgus up to?

Old Wounds

Darth Rivix and Tau Idair uncover a mystery involving Darth Nul that is brought to the Alliance Commanders attention. While discussing that, Shae Vizla rushes in and demands to speak to Malgus to find out about any connection between him and Heta Kol.

The search for answers leads them to the planet Voss where they join the “Shrine Restoration Initiative” in rebuilding the damage caused by the Eternal Empire’s invasion. Alongside Voss and Gormak members of the Initiative, they explore the Interpreter’s Retreat, assisting a Voss Commando by rescuing two Mystics who disappeared in the perilous ruins of the Shrine of Silence.

Chains in the Dark

The Hidden Chain, led by Heta Kol, begins to strike multiple places in the galaxy at once to find a way to use Darth Nul’s holocron for her own purposes. Jekiah Ordo requests the aid of the Alliance Commander at Kessen’s Landing on Ord Mantell, where a dangerous secret and an unexpected ally are revealed that could threaten the entire Mandalorian conflict.

Desperate Defiance

Turning on Heta Kol and her brother Ri’kan, Sa’har Kateen asks the Alliance Commander for help on Hutta to retrieve Darth Nul’s holocron.

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