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The stories of SWTOR are amazing. We have gathered class information, story summaries, companions, missions, mission givers, locations, rewards and interactive maps to help navigate the main stories.

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A short summary of the expansion stories as presented by Charles Boyd in “The Story So Far” video.
The video and official SWTOR transcript can be found here.

The Alliance’s impressive influence over the galaxy was short-lived. Without a common foe to unite them, tensions between the Republic and the Empire quickly escalated. Meanwhile, a shadowy group known as the Order of Zildrog managed to secretly infiltrate all of the Alliance’s systems and communications, ultimately destroying the bulk of the Alliance fleet before they were stopped. With a return to war becoming inevitable, the Commander was forced to choose a side for the battles to come.

The first shot of this renewed conflict was fired on the planet Ossus, where Imperial forces were deployed to destroy a hidden colony of Jedi in a preemptive strike. The mission was ultimately led by Darth Malgus, who had narrowly survived his brush with death, and now seemed fully–if suspiciously–loyal to the Empire’s new ruler.

Is the man who once challenged the Republic and his fellow Sith alike truly returning to the fold as a loyal warrior for the Empire? Or does Malgus still have his own dark agenda?

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