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Rise of the Hutt Cartel

A short summary of the expansion stories as presented by Charles Boyd in “The Story So Far” video.
The video and official SWTOR transcript can be found here.

Shortly after the fall of Malgus, the new leader of the Hutt Cartel, Toborro, conquered the neutral planet Makeb as the first step in a bid to expand the power of the Hutts across the galaxy. Makeb was home to a resource known as isotope-5, a tremendously powerful energy source Toborro planned to use to overthrow the Republic and Empire both, establishing the Hutts as the galaxy’s largest superpower.

But Toborro’s conquest of Makeb came with a price. His ruthless isotope-5 mining operations destabilized the planet and set it on a path to total destruction. The Republic raced to evacuate Makeb’s citizens, while the Empire sent their own forces to salvage as much isotope-5 as they could in the chaos.

Eventually, the other Hutt Cartel leaders turned against Toborro and offered to assist the Republic with eliminating him. As Toborro’s invasion came to an end, the Republic gained a powerful ally in the Hutt Cartel, but the Empire’s newly acquired supply of isotope-5 made up for the shortcomings they had recently suffered.

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