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The stories of SWTOR are amazing. We have gathered class information, story summaries, companions, missions, mission givers, locations, rewards and interactive maps to help navigate the main stories.

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Shadow of Revan

A short summary of the expansion stories as presented by Charles Boyd in “The Story So Far” video.
The video and official SWTOR transcript can be found here.

The chaos of Makeb had barely subsided before a new threat emerged. Despite fighting on opposite sides, a Sith Lord named Lana Beniko and a Republic spy named Theron Shan both began to suspect that their superiors were working together for an unknown third party. By pooling their resources–and recruiting the help of some powerful new friends–Lana and Theron uncovered a conspiracy that was bigger than they could have imagined: the Republic and the Empire had both been infiltrated by a veritable army of cultists led by the infamous Jedi-turned-Sith known as Revan.

Knowing that the Sith Emperor Vitiate was not truly dead, Revan and his followers attempted to force Vitiate back into a physical form they could destroy by fomenting catastrophic battles between the Republic and the Empire. However, once their plan was exposed by Theron and Lana, a coalition of forces from both factions defeated the cultists’ plot. But the victory was short-lived: Vitiate’s incorporeal form spoke once more after years of silence, empowered by the very attempt to destroy him. The Emperor had returned.

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