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The history of the Jedi and the Sith is quite interesting. Below is the timeline of the history leading up to the game time. The dates were taken from the Star Wars: The Old Republic Encyclopedia. Enjoy!

c. 30,000 – c. 25,000 BBY

A powerful empire emerged from the Rakata, an advanced and ruthless species driven by the Force, a mysterious power. Known as the Rakata Infinite Empire, they utilized their advanced technology to conquer and subjugate worlds throughout the galaxy. However, their tyrannical reign came to an end with a devastating plague that decimated their population, leading to a widespread uprising of enslaved peoples against the weakened empire.

c. 25,783 BBY

In ancient times, scholars and philosophers convened on the planet Tython to delve into the teachings of the Balanced Force, eventually evolving into the esteemed Je’daii. However, tumultuous conflicts known as the Force Wars erupted among the Je’daii, leading to a catastrophic Force Cataclysm that left the planet in ruins. From the aftermath of these wars arose the Jedi Order, as the survivors sought to rebuild and uphold harmony. Departing from Tython, the Jedi found prosperity in the distant realm of Ossus.

c. 25,100 BBY

After enduring centuries of subjugation by the Infinite Empire, the Core Worlds rise from the ashes and come together to establish the Republic. The momentous Galactic Constitution is ratified on the vibrant planet of Coruscant, marking the official birth of Republic democracy. Harnessing hyperdrive technology, derived from the Republic’s former Rakata rulers, scouts venture into the far reaches of the galaxy, swiftly expanding Republic territories. In a historic encounter, the Jedi pledge their allegiance to the government and vow to serve as guardians of the Republic.

20,000-17,000 BBY

In the flourishing Republic, peace and prosperity abound as it expands into the Expansion region. However, after 3,000 years of harmony, internal conflicts arise within the borders. The planet Alsakan’s challenge to Coruscant for the title of the galaxy’s capital marks the end of the peaceful Great Manifest Period during the Alsakan Conflicts.

7,000 BBY

The unity of the Jedi Order fractures as some of its members turn to the dark side of the Force. These wayward Jedi harness their dark abilities to pervert life itself and bring forth monstrous deformities. Cast out for their forbidden practices, the Dark Jedi amass a fearsome army to launch an assault on the Jedi Order. This marks the onset of the Hundred-Year Darkness, a relentless conflict that culminates in the exile of the surviving Dark Jedi.

6,900 BBY

After surviving the Hundred-Year Darkness, the exiled Jedi stumbled upon the world of Korriban and its ancient inhabitants, the Sith. These Force-sensitive and powerful beings were willing to serve the exiled Dark Jedi as their slaves. The Jedi exiles went on to establish a new civilization among the Sith and interbred with them, laying the foundation for the Sith Empire.

5,113 BBY

The child who will come to be known as the Sith Emperor is born. He has black eyes, he is heartless, and is incomparably strong in the dark side of the Force. By the age of 13, he seizes control of his homeworld and earns the title Lord Vitiate. He gathers an army of Sith followers and forsakes Imperial politics to focus on honing his skills in the dark side.

5,000 BBY

The first war breaks out between the Sith Empire and the Galactic Republic when unsuspecting hyperspace explorers lead the vengeful Sith to the Republic that had exiled their ancestors. Under the leadership of the Dark Lord Naga Sadow, the Empire launches an attack on Republic space. The conflict spans entire worlds and threatens to consume Coruscant, but strong defenses and deceit within the Sith ranks force them to retreat. The Republic pursues them, wins the war, and attempts to eradicate all remnants of the Sith Empire, but several survivors manage to escape.

4,999 BBY

After the Great Hyperspace War, Lord Vitiate took control of the shattered Sith Empire. He eliminated the Sith Council and absorbed the life force of numerous Sith Lords through a terrifying ritual, which extended his life and greatly enhanced his Force abilities. He proclaimed himself Emperor of the Sith and led the Empire into deep space to regroup and seek revenge.

4,980 BBY

After spending two decades exploring deep space, the Sith Empire discovers the forgotten jungle world of Dromund Kaas. The Emperor reveals his vision to create a new Imperial civilization united by one vengeful goal: the complete annihilation of the Republic. In preparation for this, the Empire constructs its capital on Dromund Kaas, trains its military in the harsh jungles, and commences building the Imperial armada.

3,976 BBY

The fearsome, proud, and battle-hungry warriors, known as the legendary Mandalorian clans, united under Mandalore the Ultimate to attack the edges of Republic Space. The Republic’s aversion to another violent war allowed the Mandalorian crusade to rage unchecked for a decade. However, rogue Jedi, led by Jedi Knights Revan and Malak, defied the Republic’s wishes and fought to drive back the Mandalorian invasion. Under Revan’s command, these Jedi defeated Mandalore the Ultimate, disarmed his Neo-Crusaders, and won the Mandalorian Wars for the Republic.

3,960 BBY

Mandalorian War heroes, Jedi Knights Revan and Malak ventured into the Unknown Regions and stumbled upon the secret Sith Empire located on Dromund Kaas. The Emperor manipulated Revan and Malak into embracing the dark side and tasked them with finding an ancient Rakata superweapon known as the Star Forge. Revan successfully obtained the Star Forge and defied the Emperor to establish his own Sith Empire.

3,959 BBY

The former Jedis, Darth Revan and Malak, lead an invasion of the Republic with the intention to conquer the people they once swore to protect. Although Revan almost succeeds in defeating the Republic, he is betrayed and left for dead by Malak. The Jedi Order saves Revan and alters his memories to make him believe that he is loyal to the Republic. Eventually, Revan regains his memories, defeats Malak, and destroys the Star Forge, bringing an end to the destructive Jedi Civil War.

3,955 BBY

After the death of Darth Malak, the Empire was nearly destroyed. However, a group of three Sith rose to restore order. Unbeknownst to the Jedi, the Sith Empire on Dromund Kaas grew stronger as Darth Sion, Darth Nihilus, and Darth Traya launched a brutal campaign that almost eradicated the Jedi Order. The Jedi were saved from extinction when an exiled Jedi named Meetra Surik emerged from obscurity and destroyed the Sith Triumvirate, paving the way for the Republic’s recovery.

c. 3,950 BBY

Haunted by visions of the Emperor who once corrupted him, Revan searches for remnants of the hidden Sith Empire. His quest ends in disaster when Sith capture him and imprison him on Dromund Kaas. Thanks to a daring rescue mission staged by the Jedi exile Meetra Surik and the Sith Lord Scourge, who has turned against the Emperor, Revan manages to escape captivity.

Revan and Scourge make an attempt to assassinate the Emperor, but they are overwhelmed by the Emperor’s power. Scourge betrays Revan and is rewarded with the title of the Emperor’s Wrath. Revan is then imprisoned, an ordeal that lasts for centuries.

3,681 BBY

The Sith Empire emerged from exile to launch a devastating war against the Republic. The cunning Emperor orchestrated a surprise attack, spreading terror and despair as Imperial fleets dominated battles and old allies sided with the Empire. Republic politicians panicked and turned against each other. The Battle of Bothawui ended in a stalemate, giving hope to the Republic after the Empire’s initial push for a quick victory turned into three decades of violent warfare. The Empire then offered a chance to negotiate a truce, but during peace talks on Alderaan, they launched a surprise assault on the Republic’s capital world, Coruscant. The Sacking of Coruscant left the Republic’s capital in ruins, giving the Empire the leverage to demand peace terms.

3,635 – c. 3.640 BBY

The Treaty of Coruscant ended the Great War with a Sith victory, resulting in an uneasy truce. Open warfare was replaced by tensions as the Republic was forced to cease fire and withdraw from battlefields across the galaxy. The Sith Empire absorbed abandoned worlds and consolidated its power. The Republic began to rebuild, and the Jedi Order relocated to its ancient homeworld of Tython. Border skirmishes and internal conflicts erupted, eroding the peace into a tense stand-off that lasted for over a decade.

c. 3,640 BBY

The peace between the Republic and the Empire is shattered as years of tension and hidden hostility erupt into open, full-scale war. Actions from both sides ignite the conflict, leading to a massive and devastating war that puts the entire galaxy at risk.

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