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New Player Guide – Strongholds

What are Strongholds?

Strongholds are legacy-wide residences that can be purchased by players to customize and decorate. You can use them for many different things like relaxing away from other players, dueling friends, role playing and more.

Where Do You Get Strongholds?

To purchase a stronghold, you can go to the fleet and talk to the Stronghold Commissioner, Ajolin (Imperial Vaiken Space Station) or Pargon Sisto (Republic Carrick Space Station) in the Crew Skills & Stronghold section of the fleet. The Commissioners are holographic NPCs with the quest symbols above them in the main upper level of that section. You want to visit them before purchasing a stronghold to get a mission quest that will grant you some decorations upon completion.

After visiting one of the commissioners, you can then cross to the Stronghold area on fleet. Here you can purchase whichever stronghold you choose using credits. Coruscant and Dromund Kaas are the cheapest to buy at only 5,000 credits each. Here is a list of the costs to purchase and expand the strongholds: (for mobile, scroll side to side)

StrongholdPurchase PriceUnlock All RoomsTotal Unlock CostDecorations Total
Alderaan Noble Estate4,000,00013,600,00017,600,0001035
Coruscant Apartment5,0001,440,0001,445,000350
Kaas City Apartment5,0001,440,0001,445,000350
Manaan Retreat2,500,0005,875,0008,375,000650
Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace250,0008,250,0008,500,000475
Rishi Hideout3,000,00013,470,00016,470,0001600
Tatooine Homestead2,500,0007,000,0009,500,000500
Umbara Mobile Base**3,015,0002,200,0005,215,000425
Yavin 4 Temple2,500,00010,500,00013,000,000750
Carrick & Vaiken fleet strongholds and Mek-Sha are not listed. They each cost Galactic Seasons tokens and are fully opened on purchase.
** Umbara unlock is actually only 5,000 credits, but requires access to the Trader’s Quarters, which must be purchased for 3,010,000 credits.

Getting Started

Once you have found the area to purchase your strongholds, you will choose which you would like to purchase by using the proper Stronghold Directory.

Strongholds are shared across your Legacy, and you can own all of them. Some of the strongholds, like Kaas City and Coruscant Apartments, have a faction alignment, meaning to travel to these, you will need to pay a smuggler’s fee. All of your characters across your legacy can visit or own any of your strongholds.

Now that you have purchased a stronghold, you can visit it by pressing U (by default) to open the Stronghold Management Window. Here you can choose to visit one of your own strongholds, one of the guilds strongholds or any you may have been given keys to by others. Press the TRAVEL button to visit the stronghold of your choice.

To EXIT your stronghold, click the EXIT AREA button at the top middle part of your screen (by default). You will have the option to return to where you were before traveling to your stronghold, the planet your stronghold is on, and if you are a subscriber, you will have options to return to fleet or your personal starship.

Stronghold Expansions & Decorating

Each stronghold has more doors or expansions that can be opened for a cost. Those rooms each allow more occupancy and decoration hooks to be unlocked. You can buy the expansions with either credits or cartel coins.

Here is all of the expansions and their unlock occupancy and decoration hook counts per expansion.

Alderaan Noble Estate

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase4,000,0001,90020450
Guest Chamber900,000600350
Drawing Room900,000600350
Throne Room2,000,0009005100
Balcony Overlook900,000600230
Mountain Retreat
(includes exterior unlock)
Northern Lodging2,000,0009008100
Western Lodging2,000,0009008100
Killik Cave
(secret area)
Total Costs17,600,0008,900701,035

Coruscant Apartment

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase5,0005005100
East Stairway10,000100520
West Stairway10,000100520
Main Room25,000200550
Living Quarters25,000200525
South Room40,000300520
West Room40,000300520
East Room40,000300520
Total Costs1,440,0004,00050350

Kaas City Apartment

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase5,0005005100
East Stairway10,000100520
West Stairway10,000100520
Main Room25,000200550
Living Quarters25,000200525
South Room40,000300520
West Room40,000300520
East Room40,000300520
Total Costs1,440,0004,00050350

Manaan Retreat

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase2,500,0002,5005250
Interior Expansion2,000,0001,40010200
Rooftop Garden975,000800550
South Deepwater Sanctuary1,450,0001,150575
North Deepwater Sanctuary1,450,0001,150575
Total Costs5,475,0007,00030650

Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase250,0005005125
Northwest Room450,000650525
Northeast Room450,000650525
East Stairway250,000425525
West Stairway250,000425525
Main Room2,250,0002,200575
Total Costs10,500,00011,75050475

Rishi Hideout

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase3,000,0002,65010350
The Overlook1,500,0001,0005100
Sun Room825,000600550
Hillside Room825,000600550
Patrol Carrier1,500,0001,20010175
Reactor Room975,000450550
Training Room740,000425550
Starboard Quarters825,000600575
Port Quarters830,000600575
Captain’s Quarters830,000600275
Sky Deck2,800,0002,00010350
Total Costs17,850,00011,750751,600

Tatooine Homestead

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase2,500,0002,50010200
Docking Bay1,800,0002,00010100
Cliff Room North800,000900550
Cliff Room South800,000900550
Dome Room #1900,000950525
Dome Room #2900,000950525
Dome Room #3900,000950525
Dome Room #4900,000950525
Total Costs9,500,00010,10050500

Umbara Mobile Estate

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase5,0005010200
Center Cart1,000,0001,20010100
Front Cart1,000,0001,20010125
Total Costs2,205,0002,45030425

Yavin 4 Temple

RoomCreditsCartel CoinsOccupancyDecorations
Initial Purchase2,500,0002,50010250
Temple Room 1825,0007001050
Temple Room 2975,000800550
Upper Stairwell450,000400525
Lower Stairwell450,000400525
Temple Basement1,500,0001,200525
Temple Balcony1,200,0001,000525
Temple Grounds2,600,0002,00010200
Sanctuary 11,250,0001,000550
Sanctuary 21,250,0001,000550
Total Costs13,000,00011,00060750

Customizing & Decorating

You can edit layouts and place decorations at all of your strongholds.

To start placing decorations, click the EDIT MODE button on your toolbar to enter the hook editor. While in the edit mode, you right-click a hook to bring up a hook editor.

The hook editor window will display your decorations that fit into the hook size you have selected. You can sort these by category and subcategory. You may find that some decorations will fit into more than one size hook. The tooltip on the decoration will state the eligible hooks it can be placed in.

One you have chosen your decoration, click the PLACE button to insert it into the hook. You will have slider to move it slightly side to side or forward and back or to rotate it to facing another direction. If you place a decoration you decide you don’t like, you can remove it by selecting the PICK UP button.

If you would like to fit something in a spot that doesn’t have the right hook, you can usually modify it by clicking the LAYOUTS button and selecting a different set of hooks. You are able to preview the different layouts before selecting them. To apply the change, click APPLY LAYOUT to confirm the change. This will automatically pick up any decorations that may have been in any associated hooks.

Purchasing Decorations

While you play the game, there are sometimes free drops of decorations. Some are loots from doing flashpoints, uprisings, operations and more. Others you can buy at vendors throughout the galaxy and on Fleet in the Stronghold area and the Cartel Bazaar areas.

Most of the best decorations can be earned via operations and buying from the Cartel Market or GTN. The Cartel Market takes Cartel Coins to purchase and the GTN you can use credits.

Stronghold Prestige

Players can earn prestige for their legacy with each decoration they unlock in their personal collection. As a player places their decorations, the stronghold completion percentage will increase. Prestige is determined by a strongholds completion percentage multiplied by the players legacy’s prestige. This prestige is used to rank strongholds on the Public Listings.

Stronghold Labels

You can unlock Stronghold Labels. These labels let you set different names on your stronghold in the Stronghold Management Window from ones earned or purchased. You can also choose which of your Legacy characters you would like to be the official owner of that stronghold.

Strongholds & Conquest

So here is the fun part, you can get stronghold bonus on conquest by buying and fully opening a stronghold. You DO NOT need to decorate to get the bonus. Each stronghold that you fully open will give you 25% bonus to conquest. You will need six fully opened strongholds to get the maximum 150% stronghold bonus. This bonus allows you to hit your weekly conquest faster, but also helps you get even more conquest for the guild as well. A win-win for you and the guild.

Personal vs. Guild Strongholds

Each player can purchase all of the available strongholds for their legacy. A guild can only purchase one that all the members of the guild have access to visit. The guild having a stronghold allows the guild to have a meeting place outside of the usual Guild Flagship and allows the members of the guild who decorate to display their talents and abilities for the guild to enjoy.

PvP Free-For-All Strongholds

The PvP Strongholds allow you to engage in player versus player combat at your stronghold. While in the designated area, anyone outside of your group can attack you. You can challenge other players to one on one duels, or even organize groups like large raid battles. The choice is up to you!

The Rishi Stronghold has an added bonus. It has the Patrol Carrier that has a very large PvP area on the Skydeck. Here you can choose game modes, whether dueling one on one or groups or Team Death Match or even Huttball Simulations. Your group can choose between Rotworm or Frogdog to designate their spawn points.

Team Death Match: First team to 30 kills wins. As your team gets a kill, it will update on the scoreboards.

Huttball Simulation: Carry or toss the huttball into the endzones to score. First team to 10 points wins. As you score, the scoreboard updates.

Public Listings & Faction Access

Strongholds can be listed as Public once you have obtained a certain amount of Prestige points.

Coruscant, Dromund Kaas, Vaiken & Carrick Fleet Apartment strongholds are only public to the faction they are based. These ones can be accessed by your own opposite faction characters by paying a small “smuggling” fee.

Tatooine and Nar Shaddaa can host players from both factions at the same time.

Rishi Stronghold has an area for PvP that also allows players from both factions to duel in the ring and talk via the “say” in chat, allowing cross faction games.