Monday, April 22, 2024

SWTOR Servers Move to the Cloud-Satele & Star Forge!

Next week, SWTOR will be moving servers to the cloud. They have been testing it for months beginning with the Public Test Server having been moved to the cloud last year, and then testing the new servers on AWS in April of this year.

They have been making strides to modernize and update the game. Some of the reported benefits of this migration are:

  • Backend updates that are crucial to the continued health and stability of the game can be streamlined more efficiently
  • The resources required to maintain the current system can be reallocated to focusing on enhancing the game experience
  • They will be able to leverage and integrate updated tech such as newer hardware and software. Through the cloud modernization, they will be able to update numerous tools and automation workflows that help maintain the game for long term
  • Once the move is finalized, SWTOR will be capable to extend its servers capabilities to reach new players

So When Is This Happening?

Darth Malgus – August 30th at 7am CT / 12pm UTC Done!
Tulak Hord – August 30th at 7am CT / 12pm UTC
Satele Shan – September 20th at 7am CT / 12pm UTC Done!
Star ForgeSeptember 20th at 7am CT / 12pm UTC

To minimize the long term impact on play time, they will be moving servers over in small batches beginning with a single server.

August 15th – Leviathan server will be migrated to the cloud.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When they do the migration, they will bounce all servers, meaning they will be taken down momentarily but brought back up immediately except for the server(s) being moved to the cloud.

On August 15th, the Tulak Hord, Satele Shan, Darth Malgus and Star Forge servers will all bounce.

Leviathan’s estimated downtime is expected to be 6 hours. Downtime will begin at 7am CT/12pm UTC.

Upon successful completion of the initial migration, they will let us know when the next batch of servers will be moved over and a timeline of when it will happen. The migration will follow the same process as above each time.

Be sure to check back! I will update this post with the new server dates as they come in, so check back often!

**Original SWTOR official post can be found here.