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Alliance Intelligence Report: Gethul

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Alliance Intelligence Report: Gethul
Subject: Gethul Entity
Status: Terminated (full autopsy pending)

Doctor Oggurobb’s investigations are ongoing, but initial findings revealed that the Gethul entity contained genetic markers from dozens of species, including dianoga, rathtars, and surprisingly, Rakata. This is particularly interesting as certain particulate matter found deep within the entity’s digestive tract is found only on the planet Belsavis, suggesting that the creature originated there and was at some point moved to Makeb, perhaps by the same Rakatans who constructed the Belsavis containment facilities.

The entity’s mental connection to Adelade and its sway over other biological creatures suggests some degree of Force sensitivity, further deepening the mystery of its origins and life cycle. Is this creature representative of an undiscovered species, or merely a unique creation of ancient Rakatan scientists? While we search for answers, one troubling mystery remains.

Adelade found the entity based on intel she received from an unidentified third party. This source sent her precise coordinates–and the claim that she would discover one of the Force’s greatest mysteries buried beneath Makeb. Who sent her this intel? If it was a friend, why cover their tracks? If an enemy, what did they hope to accomplish by luring Adelade into the heart of madness? We will continue to investigate.
Category: Bestiary
Related planet: n/a
Unlockable by: All Classes
Faction: Both
XP level: 1
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