Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Alderaan Datacron Master
Found all of the datacrons on Alderaan.

• Blue Mastery
Purple Mastery
Red Mastery
✦ 25 Points
Beastmaster of Alderaan
Found all the bestiary lore objects on Alderaan.

• Bolraida
Vorn Tiger
✦ 10 Points
Lorekeeper of Alderaan
Found and used all lore objects on Alderaan.

• Battle of Alderaan
History of Alderaan
Joiners and the Killik Hive Mind
Noble Houses
The War for Alderaan’s Throne
✦ 10 Points
Explorer of Alderaan
Uncovered all map areas of the planet Alderaan.

• Alsakan Lowlands (8)
Kaamos Territory (28)
King’s Pass (11)
The Apalis Coast (10)
The Glarus Valley (12)
The Juran Mountains (30)
✦ 25 Points
Droid Reconnaissance: Alderaan
Found all of the MCR-99 droids on Alderaan.
✦ 10 Points