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Imperial Fleet – Galactic Trade Network Wing, Lower Level

**Note: The popups say “Binds to Legacy” but they don’t all become bound on purchase. I have added as it is the case sometimes and better to expect it than not. 🙂

Account of the Discovery of Korriban 10,000
Aratech Reconstruction Toolkit 5,000
Assassin Droid Target History 5,000
Banned Imperial History Document 5,000
Drayen Hyperspace Smuggling Routes 10,000
Energy Blade Bayonet 5,000
First Edition Galactic Encyclopedia 5,000
Galactic Crime Lord’s ID Card 5,000
Gourmet Ration Pack 5,000
Gree Temporary Mind-Link Device 10,000
Holorecord of the Republic Founding 10,000
Intricate Corellian Speeder Model 10,000
Memoir of the Unification Wars 10,000
Omni-Vision Battlefield Relay 10,000
Republic Senatorial Oath 5,000
Signet Ring of Ancient Tion 5,000
Splinter of a Rakata Stronghold 10,000
Unique Rakata Grenade 10,000
Vial of Gree Nanite Paste 10,000
Zeltron Personal Aroma Set 5,000
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