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Deceptively aggressive, uxibeasts are mammalian herbivores with a multitude of horns covering their shaggy bodies. They are believed to originate on Tython, but have been found in small numbers on other planets–evidence of the migration of the first Jedi, long ago. They typically travel in herds and are quite capable of fending off would-be predators; the pointed spines on their backs prevent attackers from pouncing on them, and a charging uxibeast is capable of inflicting all kinds of bodily harm.

Uxibeasts are generally ill-tempered and unpleasant around people, but they can be tamed–to a degree. Domesticated uxibeasts will imprint on a single individual, whom they are unquestionably loyal to, while remaining hostile toward everyone else.
Category: Bestiary
Related planet: Tython
Unlockable by: All Classes
Faction: Republic
XP level: 1
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