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Indigenous to the planet Varl, vrblthers were often kept as pets by rich and powerful Hutts. When Varl was vaporized over ten thousand years ago, the species survived only because many of the fierce bipedal predators had accompanied their owners to Nar Shaddaa and Hutta.

The beasts proved resilient to the pollutants and toxins commonly found in their new environments, and their numbers grew rapidly. Packs of vrblthers are known to roam the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, in constant search of their next meal.
Category: Bestiary
Related planet: Nar Shaddaa
Unlockable by: All Classes
Faction: Imperial
XP level: 20
Related NPCs
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• Elder Vrblther
• Experimental Weaponized Vrblther
• Vrblther Research Specimen
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